विषय सूची पर जायें

धातु चिकित्सा

C.Su.28, S. Su.15, A.H.11

The term Dhaatu means body constituents. The word Dhaatu is derived from the verb Dhri that means to support. They sustain the life process and support the body too. Rasa, Rakta, Maamsa, Meda, Asthi, Majja and S`hukra arethe seven Dhaatu. They should be in normal state. Increased (Vriddha) or depleted (Ksheen`a) cause diseases or weakness of respective organs or tissues. (Sthaanavaigun`ya)

Rasa Dhaatu:
Rasa meansone which moves or circulates continuously. It is derived from food. The essence or useful part of food after digestion becomes Rasa. It isresponsible for health, complexion and feeling of contentment (Preen`ana), satisfaction or satiety. The vitiation of Rasa givesrise to reluctance to carry out normal activities, anorexia, nausea, weak digestive power, fever, restlessness, emaciation and dryness and wrinkling of skin, premature greying of hair.

General line of treatment: Langhana

Advice for Rasa Dusht`ee (or वृद्धि):
Gun`a (Properties): Laghu
Rasa (Taste): Tikta, Kat`u, Kashaaya
Karma (Actions): Langhana
Dravya (Single Drugs): Gudoochi, S`hunt`hi, Mustaa, etc.
Kalpa (Formulations): Trptighna Mahakashaaya,
Chikitsaa Karma: Langhana

Advice for Rasa Kshaya
Gun`a (Properties): Dravya, Snigdha, Mridu, S`heeta, Aapya Dravya
Rasa (Taste): Madhura
Karma (Actions): Preen`ana, Santarpan`a, Triptikara, Tarpan`a, Jeevaneeya,
Stanya Janana
Dravya (Single Drugs): Gudoochi, S`hataavaree, Yasht`imadhu, Gokshura,
Aamalakee, Pippali, Naagabalaa etc
Kalpa (Formulations): Jeevaneeya Mahakashaaya, Chyavanpraas`ha, Should include
Formulation types: Ksheerapaaka, Svarasa, Mantha, Kvaatha, Hima, Phaan`t`a etc.
Aahaara (Diet): Dugdha, Laajaa, Santaanikaa, Ikshu Rasa
Chikitsaa Karma: Abhyanga

Rakta Dhaatu:
Rakta is derived from essential nutrients of Rasa. It also maintains life, complexion and nutrition of the body. As in the foetal stage almost all the organs are derived from various attributes of blood hence Sus`hruta calls it as Jeevana. The diseases caused by Raktadusht`i are mainly skin diseases like (Kusht`ha), bleeding disorders (Raktapitta), Visarpa etc.

Advice for Rakta Dusht`ee (or वृद्धि)
Chikitsaa Karma: Raktamokshan`a, Virechana, Langhana, Vamana

Advice for Rakta Kshaya:
Gun`a (Properties): Snigdha, S`heeta
Rasa (Taste): MadhuraAmla
Karma (Actions): Raktaprasaadana, Varn`ya, S`hon`itasthaapana, Hridya
Dravya (Single Drugs): Loha, Taamra, Kaseesa, Saarivaa, Manjisht`haa,
Svarn`a Gairika, Pravaala, Svarn`amaaks`heeka, Mand`oora, Daad`ima, Naagabalaa,
Pippalee, As`hvagandhaa, Bhringaraaja, Kumaaree, Mauktika, S`harapunkhaa
Kalpa (Formulations): Varn`ya Mahaakashaaya, Gandhaka Rasaayana, Taapyaadi Loha, Lohaasava, Agastya Hareetakee, Chyavanpraas`ha, etc.
Aahaara (Diet): Ajaa Maamsa, Dugdha, Gud`a, Laajaa, Maamsa, Santaanikaa

Maamsa Dhaatu:
The muscular tissue of the body situated below the skin, which covers the bones and all organs. It is nourished by Rakta Dhaatu. Its main function is to provide the outer boundary and protective layer to all the organs, impart contractility to them and maintain their shape. Maamsadusht`i (vitiation of Maamsa)gives rise to diseases like Hypertrophy, Hyperplasia of muscle, and heaviness in the body , tumours swelling in the neck (Galas`haalooka, Galas`hun`d`ikaa).

General line of treatment: S`hodhana, S`hastra Karma, Kshaara Karma, Agnikarma.

Advice for Maamsa Dusht`ee (or वृद्धि)
Chikitsaa Karma: S`hastra, Kshaara, Agnikarma

Advice for Maamsa Kshaya:
Gun`a (Properties): Snigdha, Guru, Pichchhila, Sthira
Rasa (Taste): Madhura
Karma (Actions): Brimhan`a, Lepana, Pusht`eekrit, Santarpan`a
Dravya (Single Drugs): Kooshmaand`a, Ashvagandha, Balaa, Naagabala,
S`hataavaree, Kupilu, Naaga Bhasma, Kaakolee, Ksheerakaakolee, Nareekela,
Kadalee, Vidaaree, etc.
Kalpa (Formulations): As`hvagandhaa Ghrita, Dhaatreephalaadi Ghrita /
Dugdha, S`hvadamsht`raadi Ghrita, formulation types
should include Avaleha, Sarpigud`a, Balya Mahaakashaaya, Brimhan`a
Mahaakashaaya, Chyavanpraas`ha
Aahaara (Diet): Aanoopa Maamsa, Ajaa Maamsa, Ghrita Siddha Maamsa, Dugdha,
Gud`a, Jaangala Maamsa, Mudga, Tila, Santaanikaa
Chikitsaa Karma: Abhyanga, Pin`d`a Sveda, Parisheka

Meda Dhaatu
It is formed after Maamsa. It is nourished by Medodharaa Kalaa (fat supporting membrane), which is by and large distributed all over body. It is the tissue that is responsible for lubrication of the body parts hence it exhibits unctuous, heavy, soft, slimy, smooth, and slightly dense attributes.

It gives strength to the body as well as to the bones. Snaayu and Sandhi (joints) are its tissue subtypes. Diseases due to the vitiation of adipose tissue are स्थौल्य (obesity), diabetes etc. Apart from these in various diseases where adipose tissue is involved it produces symptoms like excessive perspiration, stickiness of the body, bad smell to the body, tremors, oedema, pain in the joints etc.

General line of treatment: Similar to Sthaulya / Medo Roga

Advice for Meda Vriddhi (or वृद्धि)
Chikitsaa Sootra:Similar to स्थौल्य
Gun`a (Properties): Rooksha, Laghu
Rasa (Taste): Kat`u, Tikta, Kashaaya
Karma (Actions): Apatarpan`a, Langhana
Dravya (Single Drugs): Puraan`a Guggulu, S`hilaajatu, Hareetaki, Triphalaa
Kalpa (Formulations): Lekhaneeya Mahaakashaaya
Aahaara (Diet): Trin`adhaanya

Advice for Meda Kshaya:
Chikitsaa Sootra: Similar to Kaars`hya
Gun`a (Properties): Snigdha, Guru, Manda
Rasa (Taste): Madhura
Karma (Actions): Santarpan`a, Brumhan`a, Pusht`eekrit
Dravya (SingleDrugs): Medaa, Vidaaree, Maasha
Kalpa (Formulations): Mahaasneha, formulations types should be Ghrita,
Avaleha, Brimhan`a Mahaakashaaya, Chyavanpraas`ha
Aahaara (Diet): Dugdha, Tila, Santaanikaa, Dugdha, Gud`a, Graamya Kukkut`a
Maamsa, Vasaa

Asthi Dhaatu
It is the most stable tissue. Bone supports body and harbours bone marrow.
Diseases due to vitiation of Asthi Dhaatu havethe following symptoms: fracture of bones, crackling noise in bones. General line of treatment: Panchakarma and Tikta Rasa Pradhaana Dravya Siddha Ghrita / Ksheera Basti

Advice for Asthi Dusht`ee (or वृद्धि)
Chikitsaa Karma: Panchakarma (Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti, Raktamokshan`a)
Basti: (Tikta Rasa Pradhaana Dravya siddha Ghrita/Ksheera)

Advice for Asthi Kshaya:
Gun`a (Properties): Guru, Kat`hina, Khara, Paarthiva Dravya
Rasa (Taste): Tikta
Karma (Actions): Sandhaneeya,
Dravya (SingleDrugs): Pooga, Naareekela, Pravaala, Mriga S`hringa, S`hauktika,
Sudhaa Varga, Vaataama, Methikaa, Majjaa
Kalpa (Formulations): Tikta dravya siddha Ghrita, Taila, Tikta Ksheera Basti,
Aahaara (Diet): Godugdha, Ghrita, Maamsa Rasa
Chikitsaa Karma: Basti (Tikta Rasa Pradhaana Dravya siddha Ghrita/Ksheera)

Majjaa Dhaatu:
Majjaa is the sixth Dhaatu, in the sequential evolution of Saptadhaatu . It is derived from the essence formed after digestion of Asthi Dhaatu. Bone Marrow fills bony cavities (Asthi Pooran`am)and imparts strength and unctuousness to the bones and nourishes the S`hukra Dhaatu (the reproductive tissue)

Diseases or symptoms due to its vitiation are pain in joints, skin eruption, giddiness and episodes of syncope.

General line of treatment: Medication and diet having Madhura and Tikta Rasaसौषधं according to Kaala.

Advice for Majjaa Dusht`ee:
Gun`a (Properties): Mridu, Snigdha
Rasa (Taste): Madhura, Tikta
Dravya (SingleDrugs): Jat`aamaamsi, Jyotishmati, Raupya, Vachaa,
S`hankapushpi, Mand`ookaparn`i, Hareetaki, Abhraka
Kalpa (Formulations): Medhya Mahaakashaaya, Sadmyaasthaapaka Mahaakashaaya,
Majaa Sneha, Braahmee Ghrita, Chyavanpraas`ha, Saarasvataarisht`a,
Aahaara (Diet): Godugdha, Ghrita
Chikitsaa Karma: Vamana,Virechana, Raktamokshan`a, Basti, Nasya (according to Kaala)

S`hukra Dhaatu:

This is the ultimate tissue to evolve in the chain of Dhaatu and since it has undergone a number of Agni actions it is especially devoid of waste product and it almost singly generates Ojas.

In males it is responsible for the sperm and in females it is responsible for other regenerative functions and in both sexes it is also responsible for happiness, courage, affection, mild and pleasant disposition etc .

Due to the vitiation of S`hukra Dhaatu the following symptoms develop: depressed state of mind, less sterility, abnormal function of reproduction.
Vitiation of S`hukra is responsible for depression, infertility, impotence, immune compromised state and Ojas depletion.

General line of treatment: Medication and diet having Madhura and Tikta Rasaसौषधं according to Kaala

Advice for S`hukra Dusht`ee:
Gun`a (Properties): Snigdha
Rasa (Taste): Madhura
Dravya (SingleDrugs): Vanga, Suvarn`a, As`hvagandhaa, Jeevaka,
Kapikachchhu, Ksheerakaakolee, Naagabalaa,
Aahaara (Diet): Godugdha, Ghrita,
Chikitsaa Karma: Vamana,Virechana, Raktamokshan`a, Basti, Nasya (according to Kaala)

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