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चिकित्सा प्रकार: अवगाह स्वेद

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • Fomentation administered in tub-bath method.

Poorvakarma (Prerequisites):

  • Instrument checklist:

A Dron`i (tub) of the size of an individual should be prepared.

  • Medicine preparation:

Vaata alleviating decoction, medicated milk, medicated oil, medicated ghee, meat soup, and hot water. Roots, fruits, leaves, buds, etc; flesh and head of MrigaS`hakunaAjaa etc. animals having thermogenic tendency. Mixed with AmlaLavan`a and Snigdha drugs, MootraKsheera, midriff of VaraahaPittaAsrik, meat of Graamya, Audaka and Aanoopa animals, Basta S`hira, Tila, Tan`d`ula


  • The patient should sit or lie down in the Dron`i. The Dron`i should be filled with the medicine up to the neck of the patient in sitting position. If the patient is lying down the medicine should be at the level of 6 Angula from the umbilicus of the patient.
  • Duration of Svedana should be from one Muhurta (48 minutes) to four Muhoorta (192 minutes).

Other Description:

  • This can be included under Drava type of Sveda.
  • For Ekaanga Avagaaha, the part is immersed in the medicine till Samyak Yoga is achieved.
  • The decoction needs to be kept warm by replenishing.

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