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अष्टाङ्गहृदय (अ.हृ.) परिचय

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Ayurveda`s ancient and most popular Samhitaa_s are Charaka and Sus`hruta. Amongst these both Samhitaa_s, Ayurveda has been described in eight different branches. These are

  1. Kaayachikitsaa Tantra
  2. Kaumaarabrutya Tantra
  3. Grahachikitsaa Tantra
  4. S`haalaakya Tantra
  5. S`halya Tantra
  6. अगद तंत्र
  7. Rasaayana Tantra
  8. Vaajeekaran`a Tantra

These eight branches are scattered in two Samhitaa_s. Where as in Charaka Samhitaa the description is based upon the medicinal aspect [Kaayachikitsaa] of diseases and in Sus`hruta Samhitaa description is based upon the surgical aspects [S`halya and S`haalaakya] ofdiseases. These two Samhitaa_s, are too big and also the subjects of the above branches are scattered in various chapters. To overcome these problems Asht`aanga Samgraha has been written which became more popular.

In Asht`aanga Samgraha all the eight branches of Ayurveda has been described. This Samhitaa again becomes big to read. So after that, based on Asht`aanga Samgraha more easy and compressed Samhitaa has been written. It is non other than the Ashatanga Hridaya, which became and is still more popular than Asht`aanga Samgraha.

Author of Asht`aanga Hridaya

There are so many differences of opinions regarding the author of Asht`aanga Hridaya. But according to majority of commentators author of Asht`aanga Samgraha and Asht`aanga Hridaya is same.He is Vaagbhat`a.

In Asht`aanga Hridaya all the eight branches are described [i.e. Asht`aanga]. They are described very specifically according to chapters and subjects. And more over it is a summarized form of Asht`aanga Samgraha so called as Hridaya i.e. Asht`aanga Hridaya.

Structure of Asht`aanga Hridaya.
It is described in six Sthaana_s.

No.Name of SthaanaNumber of chapters
1.Sootra Sthaana30
2.S`haareera Sthaana06
3.Nidaana Sthaana16
4.Chikitsaa Sthaana22
5.Kalpa Sthaana06
6.Uttara Sthaana40

Name of the Chapters of each Sthaana

Sootra Sthaana

  1. Aayushkaameeya
  2. Dinacharyaa
  3. Rutucharyaa
  4. Rogaanutpaadaneeya
  5. Dravadravya Vidnyaaneeya
  6. Annasvaroopa Vidnyaaneeya
  7. Annarakshaa
  8. Maatraashiteeya
  9. Dravyaadi Vidnyaaneeya
  10. Rasabhedeeya
  11. Doshaadi Vidnyaaneeya
  12. Doshbhedeeya
  13. Doshopakraman`eeya
  14. Dvividhopakraman`eeya
  15. S`hodhanaadi gan`a Samgraha
  16. Sneha Vidhi
  17. Sveda Vidhi
  18. Vamana virechana Vidhi
  19. Nasya Vidhi
  20. Basti Vidhi
  21. Dhoomrapaana Vidhi
  22. Gand`oosha Vidhi
  23. Aashchotana Anjana Vidhi
  24. Tarpan`a Put`apaaka Vidhi
  25. Yantra Vidhi
  26. S`hastra Vidhi
  27. Siraavyadha Vidhi
  28. S`halyaharan`a Vidhi
  29. S`hastra Karma Vidhi
  30. Kshaaraagni Karma Vidhi

Nidaana Sthaana

  1. Sarvaroga Nidaana
  2. Jvara Nidaana
  3. Raktapitta Kaasa Nidaana
  4. S`hvaasa Hikkaa Nidaana
  5. Raajayakshmaadi Nidaana
  6. Madaatyaya Nidaana
  7. Ars`hasaam Nidaana
  8. Atisaara Grahan`ee Nidaana
  9. Mootraaghaata Nidaana
  10. Prameha Nidaana
  11. Vidradhivruddhi Gulma Nidaana
  12. Udara Nidaana
  13. Paan`d`uroga S`hopha Visarpa Nidaana
  14. Kusht`ha S`hvitra Krumee Nidaana
  15. Vaatavyaadhi Nidaana
  16. Vaatas`hon`ita Nidaana

S`haareera Sthaana

  1. Garbhaavakraanti
  2. Garbhavyaapada
  3. Anga Vibhaaga
  4. Marma Vibhaaga
  5. Vikruti Vidnyaaneeya
  6. Dootaadi Vidnyaaneeya

Chikitsaa Sthaana

  1. ज्वर
  2. रक्तपित्त
  3. कास
  4. S`hvaasa Hikka
  5. राजयक्ष्मा
  6. Chhardi Hrudroga Trushn`aa
  7. Madaatyaya
  8. Ars`hasaam
  9. अतिसार
  10. ग्रहणी
  11. Mootraaghaata
  12. प्रमेह
  13. Vidradhivrudhhi
  14. गुल्म
  15. उदर
  16. Paan`d`uroga
  17. S`hayathu
  18. विसर्प
  19. कुष्ठ
  20. S`hvitra Krumee
  21. वातव्याधि
  22. Vaatas`hon`ita

Kalpa Sthaana

  1. वमन
  2. Virechana
  3. Vamana-virechana Vyaapada
  4. Basti Kalpa
  5. Basti Vyaapada Siddhi
  6. Bheshaja Kalpa

Uttara Sthaana

  1. Baalopachaaran`eeya
  2. Baalaamaya Pratishedha
  3. Baalagraha Pratishedha
  4. Bhoota Vidnyaana
  5. Bhoota Pratishedha
  6. Unmaada Pratishedha
  7. Apasmaara Pratishedha
  8. Vartmaroga Vidnyaana
  9. Vartmaroga Pratishedha
  10. Sandhi Sitaasita Vidnyaana
  11. Sandhi Sitaasita Pratishedha
  12. Drushtiroga Vidnyaana
  13. Timira Pratishedha
  14. Linganaas`ha Pratishedha
  15. Sarvaakshiroga Vidnyaana
  16. Sarvaakshiroga Pratishedha
  17. Karn`aroga Vidnyaana
  18. Karn`aroga Pratishedha
  19. Naasaaroga Vidnyaana
  20. NaasaarogaPratishedha
  21. Mukharoga Vidnyaana
  22. Mukharoga Pratishedha
  23. S`hiroroga Vidnyaana
  24. S`hiroroga Pratishedha
  25. Vran`a Pratishedha
  26. Sadyovran`a Pratishedha
  27. Bhagna Pratishedha
  28. Bhagandara Pratishedha
  29. Granthyarbudas`hleepadaapacheenaad`ee Vidnyaana
  30. Granthyarbudas`hleepadaapacheenaad`ee Pratishedha
  31. Kshudraroga Vidnynaneeya
  32. Kshudraroga Pratishedha
  33. Guhyaroga Vidnyaana
  34. Guhyaroga Pratishedha
  35. Visha Pratishedha
  36. Sarpavisha Pratishedha
  37. Keet`a lootaadi visha Pratishedha
  38. Mushikaalarka visha Pratishedha
  39. रसायन
  40. Vaajeekaran`a

Merits and features of Asht`aanga Hridaya

  1. In Asht`aanga Hridayaevery Vyaadhi is described considering all the medicinal and surgical aspects of Chikitsaa.
  2. The language is simple, easy to understand and very specific.
  3. Repetitions of topics are avoided.
  4. Every topic is described accordingly, considering the opinions of previous great authors with their references.
  5. Over descriptions of topic is restricted.
  6. During the descriptions of Kalpa where ever important the measurement of Dravya is given and its preparations procedure is also mentioned.
  7. More over it is the proper book for new Ayurveda`s learner.

Comentaries and Comentators of Asht`aanga Hridaya.

Many commentaries have been written on Asht`aanga Hridaya. In Vaaghbhat`a Vimars`ha, list of 34 commentaries and 23 commentators have been identified. Among them the most famous and easy to read commentary is Sarvangasundara Vyaakhyaa by Arun`datta.

Other one is Ayurvedarasaayana by Hemaadri.

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