विषय सूची पर जायें


M. Ni. Parishisht`ati

Introduction and Nirukti
       S`heetalaa is nothing but मसूरिका.
       मसूरिका only is nominated as S`heetalaa, when it is afflicted by Devi S`heetalaa.
       There is ज्वर.
       It is Bhootaabhishangaja Vishamajvara.
       S`heetalaa gets manifested with ज्वर as Prodromal symptom.
       If there are Brihat Visphot`a (big blisters), then this is called as Brihatee S`heetalaa.
       This gets cured in 7 days.
       In the third week it gets dried and gets cured.


  1. Kodravaa Vaata Kaphaja
  2. Jalas`hookavad
  3. Paan`isahaa
  4. Sarshapikaa
  5. Raajikaakriti
  6. Kot`hakaaraa
  7. Charmajaa Ekasphot`aa

Kodravaa / Vaata Kaphaja

  • This type is dominated by Vaata and Kapha Dosha.
  • The shape of the blisters is like Kodrava (Paspalum scrobiculatum).
  • It never suppurates.
  • But some scholars believe that it does suppurate.


  • This manifests like Jalas`hooka.
  • It causes pain.
  • It gets pacified on its own within 7 or 10 days.


  • In this type, there is itching. A person likes to touch it.
  • The causative factor is Ushmaa.
  • This gets pacified within seven days.


  • This resembles to Peeta Sarshapa.
  • अभ्यंग is contraindicated in this.


  • This is caused due to relatively less Ushmaa.
  • It resembles to Raajikaa.
  • This manifest in the childrensand gets specified on its own.


  • It manifests like Kot`ha.
  • There are blisters which are elevated and red colored.
  • There is Jvara before the manifestation.
  • There is pain.
  • Jvara remains for three days.
  • If the blisters are touching each other, then it is called as Bahusphot`aa.

Charmajaa Ekasphot`aa
There is single Blister (Ekasphot`a), which is called as Charmajaa.

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