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चिकित्सा प्रकार: बाष्प स्वेद

Prakaara Paribhaasha:

  • The fomentation done with the help of vapors or steam coming from medicinal decoction is termed as Baashpa Sveda.

Poorvakarma (Prerequisites):

  • Patient preparation:
    अभ्यंग (oil massage) should be applied all over body.


  • The indicated medicinal decoction should be kept in boiling state (with the help of a stove) in lower compartment of Baashpa Svedana Yantra.
  • The patient should lie down on the Baashpa Svedana Yantra over a blanket or a bed sheet keeping his head outside the Yantra on a board.
  • The patient should be covered by another blanket.
  • If indicated the patient should be advised to turn on both sides to get good fomentation.
  • The physician should continuously note the temperature inside the Baashpa Svedana Yantra to avoid burn.


  • Thepatient should be given sponging with hot water.
  • Then he should be mop dried completely with a towel.
  • The patient should sit inside a room wrapped in a blanket for half an hour.
  • Then the patient should be given hot water bath.

Other Description:

  • The नाड़ी स्वेद can be considered under Bashpa Sveda. नाड़ी स्वेद should be used when fomentation is to be done over a single body part or a small region. When whole body fomentation is required Bashpa Sveda should be administered.
  • Now days a heating coil is used to boil the decoction.

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