विषय सूची पर जायें


C.Chi.15/38-49, S.Su.46, A.H.Su. 8, M.N.6

अजीर्ण is indigestion. It is considered as a disease also cause of other diseases.

Jeern`am Pakva Tad Viruddham Ajeern`am | M. N. 6.6. Madhukos`ha

People who consume food without considering their own capacity to eat and eat excessively, suffer from the disease अजीर्ण, which is the root cause of all the diseases.

This indigestion may be due to Vaata, Pitta or Kapha. Actually, due to अजीर्ण all the three Dosha get aggravated, but the types of अजीर्ण are named after the more dominant individual Dosha.

Causes of अजीर्ण:
Over consumption of food is obvious cause. Other causes include heavy to digest food or large quantity also frequent munching. Even though light food is consumed at proper time, it might not digested because of psychological disturbances like Eershyaa, Bhaya, Krodha, Parikshata, Lobha, S`hoka, Dainya, Dvesha etc. Hence it is necessary to have Prasanna Chitta (fresh and cheerful mind) for digestion of food.

Due to AbhojanaAjeern`a Bhojana etc. Agni gets vitiated. (i.e. digestive capacity gets hampered). Therefore, though it is light (Laghu) to digest it can not digest food. It gets S`hukta (fermented) and ultimately turns into poison.

Types of अजीर्ण:

  1. Aamaajeern`a caused due to Kapha
  2. Vidagdhaajeern`a caused due to Pitta
  3. Visht`abdhaajeern`a caused due to Vaata
  4. Rasas`heshaajeern`a अजीर्ण related to Aahaara Rasa
    (Rase S`heshah Rasas`hashah | M. N. 6.6. Madhukos`ha)
    In Rasas`heshaajeern`a, according to Sus`hruta, symptom of Udgaara S`huddhi is seen. There is heaviness in the heart, Praseka. Though there is Udgaara S`huddhi there is no willingness to have food.
    Since there are remnants of Aaahaara Rasa, which are still to be digested, this condition is called Rasas`heshaajeern`a.
  5. Dinapaaki Ajeern`a (Nirdosha Ajeern`a)
    When food gets digested the next day and does not get digested on the same day, it is called Dinapaaki Ajeern`a. This type of अजीर्ण does not cause any symptom like Aadhmaana etc.
  6. Praakrita Ajeern`a
    This is the type of अजीर्ण, which is observed and experienced every day but it is without any symptom.

Symptoms of अजीर्ण:

        Prisht`ha Graha
        Kat`i Graha

अजीर्ण: cause of other diseases.
If undigested food gets mixed with the Pitta, then it causes:

  • दाह
  • तृष्णा
  • Mukha Roga
  • अम्लपित्त
  • Pitta dominant diseases
    If undigested food gets mixed with the Kapha, then it causes:
  • Yakshma
  • Peenasa
  • Meha
  • Kapha dominant diseases

        If undigested food gets mixed with the Vaata, then it causes Vaata Vikaara.
        If undigested Rasa goes in the Mootravaha Srotas, then it causes Mootra Roga.
        If undigested Rasa goes in the Kukshi, then it causes Kukshigata Vikaara.
        If undigested Rasa mix with Dhaatu, then it causes diseases in the corresponding Dhaatu.

According to Sushruta,

  1. Aamaajeern`a leads to विसूचिका.
  2. Visht`abdhaajeern`a leads to अलसक.
  3. Vidagdhaajeern`a leads to विलम्बिका.

Upadrava of अजीर्ण

  1. Moorchchhaa – syncope
  2. Pralaapa – delirious speech
  3. Vamathu vomiting
  4. Praseka – watering of the mouth
  5. Sadana – weakness
  6. भ्रम – vertigo
  7. Maran`a – death

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