विषय सूची पर जायें


C.Chi.11, M.Ni.10


  1. Ksheen`a S`habdena S`hukra Ojah Kshayayuktah Purushah | C.Chi.11/2 Chakrapan`i
  2. Ksheen`a means a person in which S`hukra and Ojas is emaciated.
  3. Ksheen`e Cha Purushe Kshatam Bhavati Iti Hetoh Kshataksheen`a Uchyate | C.Chi. 11/2 Chakrapan`i

When Kshata (wound) occurs in Ksheen`a (an emaciated person), he is called as Kshataksheen`a.

क्षतक्षीण is caused due to Urah KshataUrah Kshata is a prerequisite for a disease क्षतक्षीण. If any injury happens in the chest, then a person lands in to a disease Urah KshataUrah Kshata is then converted in to the क्षतक्षीण.

क्षतक्षीण is a status of disease in which patient has emaciated due to the wound in the chest. So it is sure that Urah Kshata is a prerequisite for क्षतक्षीण.

One may get confuse क्षतक्षीण with राजयक्ष्मा; but it is different from राजयक्ष्मा as the Sampraapti of them is totally different. It has been clearly said that राजयक्ष्मा is Anubandha (uninterrupted succession of Urah Kshata) if at all it remains untreated.

Lakshan`a of क्षतक्षीण:

  1. Uro Ruk chest pain
  2. S`hon`ita Chhardi vomiting with blood
  3. Vais`heshika Kaasa
  4. Sarakta Mootratva haematurea
  5. Paars`hva Graha seizing like pain in the region of ribs
  6. Prisht`ha Graha seizing like pain in the back
  7. Kat`ee Graha seizing like pain in waist region

In a person who is indulged in women and takes dry food (Unctuous food), food in small quantity, taking Ekarasaabhyaasa (food of one taste only), subjects himself to the injury to chest or due to the following reasons his chest gets injured.

  1. Straining excess with bow
  2. Lifting heavy weight
  3. Fighting with stronger persons
  4. Restraining a running bull, stallion or any other strong animal requiring control
  5. Throwing heavy stones, wooden block or equipments made of stone
  6. Killing powerful animals
  7. Reciting scriptures at the top of voice
  8. Covering a long distance walking too fast
  9. Crossing a big river by swimming
  10. Running along with a horse
  11. Sudden long or high jump
  12. Practicing violence for long time
  13. Being excessively injured by other violent and cruel acts

The disease gets manifested as a result of the injury to the chest due to the above causative factors. Because of the above mentioned factors, the chest gets broken, punctured and cracked. Sides of the chest get pressed. There are tremors in the limb and the patient gets emaciated.

Gradually, the Veerya (potency), Bala (strength), Varn`a (complexion), Ruchi (appetite) and Agni (digestive capacity) get reduced. The patient suffers from ज्वर (fever), Vyathaa (pain or any disease), Mano Dainya (mental depression) and अतिसार (diarrhoea) even though there is no अग्निमांद्य.

If क्षतक्षीण is untreated then it gets associated with Raajayakshmaa, therefore it is necessary that before it gets associated with, it should be treated.

        रोगमार्ग: Madhyama
        Vyaadhi PrakaaraBalavaan Vyaadhi
        Vyaadhi Svabhaava: Daarun`a
        Avayava: Vaksha, Ura
        Saadhya: Alpa Linga,Balavaan Rugn`a, Deeptaagni, Nava Vyaadhi
        Asaadhya: Sarva Lakshan`a Yukta
        Yaapya: Parisamvatsara Vyaadhi
        DoshaVaata Prakopa, Pitta Prakopa, Kapha Prakopa
        DhaatuRakta Nisht`heevana, S`hukra Kshaya
        MalaSarakta Mootra Pravritti, Vid` Bheda
        SrotasPraan`avaha Srotas Dusht`ee
        AgniAgni Hanana
        ManaMano Dainya
        OjasOja Kshaya

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