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प्रकृति का दायरा और अनुसंधान क्षमता

In the current era there is more stress on preventive health care, not only of the physical being but also of mental and social well being which has become the principal issue. Aayurveda is not only limited to body or physical symptoms but also gives a comprehensive knowledge about spiritual, mental and social health. Knowing your constitution thus allows you to appreciate the workings of your mind and body better, there by allowing in managing and systematizing over the traits through planned and adequate changes incorporated into your lifestyle. Ayurveda places importance on examining the Prakriti or the natural state of an individual first, the disease state is examined later. While the medicine experts analyze the disease, the Ayurvedic expert is interested in analyzing not only the disease but the individual who is suffering from the disease.

The word Prakriti (constitution) not only gives perception of the anatomical features but also provides an insight into the deeper internal mechanism of an individual in terms of physiology, psychology and quality and excellence of tissues. Prakriti is the Ayurvedic profile or unique psychosomatic temperament of an individual, encompassing his or her physical, functional and behavioral characteristics. The varying proportions of KaphaPitta or Vaata Dosha determine the S`haareera Prakriti or the Dosha Prakriti i.e., the body type which play a pivotal role. While all individuals have mixed sum of the three Gun`a, the predominant Gun`a determines an individual’s Maanasa Prakriti. Evaluation of Maanasa Prakriti, i.e., psycho-spiritual profile is made by identifying the predominance of Psychic factors i.e., Sattva, Raja and Tama. Dhaatu are termed as body constituents. These are seven in number and their qualitative assessment can be performed by Saarataa Pareekshan`a. Saara is the essence of that particular constituent. It reflects on various body parts in positive manner by which it is assessed.

Like genetic coding, every individual has a different combination and is therefore a distinct entity in itself. That is the reason why two people react differently when exposed to a similar situation. Thus according to Aayurveda everyone is unique and each one of them has a distinct body constitution, which is completely different from each other. Nature of emotions, thought, and behavior patterns are unique to a person and are exhibited in a wide range of social and personal environment. Interpretation of the same is necessary for their behavior in cultural, social and home environment.

Need for understanding the concept of Prakriti:
By knowing our constitution it is possible to locate our drawbacks and live at peace with nature’s wishes. There are some simple rules that help in the long run. The Dosha that predominate due to our genetic inheritance dictates certain demands in terms of diet, life style and environment. If we recognize this and try to follow it, we will be able to achieve health.

These are the following important reasons why knowing your Prakriti is the first step toward perfect health:-

  • By understanding Prakriti and their specific strengths and weaknesses, you can begin to take preventive steps long before overt illness appears.
  • Prakriti makes prevention more precise. If you try to prevent every disease without knowing your particular predisposition, its like aiming in the dark.
  • Prakriti makes treatment more accurate once a disease appears.
  • Study of Prakriti offers reference points for managing treatment decisions specific to each case.
  • Study of Prakriti helps in understanding variations in disease manifestation

Scope of Prakriti:

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