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पत्र पोट्टली स्वेदन

It is the type of Sankara Sveda in which leaves of medicinal plants are used for Svedana (Fomentation). For this Svedana, leaves of Arka (Calotropis Procera), Sahachara(Barleria Cristata Linn.), Karveera (Nerium indicum), Dhattura(Datura metel), S`higru(Moringa pterygosperma), Nirgun`d`ee (Vitex Negundo Linn.) etc. are commonly used. This procedure is used normally for Ekaanga Sveda and rarely for Sarvaanga Sveda.

  • Indication:

This procedure is used in:

  1. आमवात or Saama Avasthaa in Vaata Vyaadhi
  2. Maamsa, Asthi Sandhi S`hotha & S`hoola
  3. Maamsagata Vaata
  4. S`hvaasa, Kaasa    
  5. Granthi    
  6. Prameha – Kaphaja  S`hoola
  7. Stambha – Gaatra Stambha, Sandhi Stambha       
  8. वातव्याधि with Gaatra Vinaama, Gaatrastabdhataa, Sandhistabdhataa    
  9. Angagaurava    
  10. Angamarda   
  11. Tandraa
  12. शोष & Vaatavyaadhi –Avabaahuka, Pangutva (Patra Pot`t`alee followed by पिण्ड स्वेद

    * (This procedure is described here considering Sthaanika Svedana. {Local Fomentation at Knee joint} For whole body fomentation changes should be made accordingly.)
  • Requirements:
  • Fresh leaves of Nirgun`d`ee etc.
  • Tila Taila i.e. Seasome oil (Nirgun`d`ee Tail, Vishagarbha Tail etc. oilscan be used as per requirements )
  • Pieces of cloth (Approximately of 18” X 18” size)
  • Iron pan
  • Thread
  • Svedana Table etc.
  • Method of preparation
  • Fresh leaves of Nirgun`d`ee should be cut into small pieces.
  • 20 -30 ml. of Seasome oil should be put in the iron pan and heated.
  • Small pieces of Nirgun`d`ee leaves should be put into this pan & fried properly.(Saindhava(Rock Salt), Chinchaa(Tamarindus indica), Nimbuka(Citrus limon) can be added as per requirement)
  • Then this mixture should be kept on the cotton piece & tied well with the help of cotton thread and at the tying end some cloth end is left for holding the Pot`t`alee. (Make one or more such Pot`t`alee, as per required.)
  • 100 ml. of Seasome oil should be taken in the pan and kept on low flame (ideally this pan should be kept in another big pot having water inside to avoid direct heat i.e. water bath)
  • Poorvakarma:
  • Patient should sit in the Dron`ee (or on massage table) with his face towards east.
  • Medicated oil should be applied on Knee joint gently.
  • If needed, allow the patient to lie down on his back in the Dron`ee.
  • Pradhaanakarma:
  • Massager should stand in comfortable position on that side where Svedana is required.
  • Fomentation should be done in circular movements with uniform pressure and temperature.( For total body in Anuloma direction)
  • One attendant should help in keeping the oil hot, heating the Pot`t`alee by dipping in the oil and assist the massager by transferring the Pot`t`alee.
  • The temperature of the Pot`t`alee should be constant. Attendant should check it by touching the Pot`t`alee on the back his hand.
  • Svedana should be done for 15 minutes. This time duration may be changed according to the need of the patient and the disease.
  • This procedure of Patra Pot`t`alee should be repeated daily for 7- 21days (or more; as per required.)
  • Pas`hchaatkarma:
  • After completing the procedure the body is rubbed with hands for 5 minutes
  • Then body should be wiped off with piece of cloth.
  • Bath should be given with lukewarm water after half hour.
  • Rest should be taken and cold air, water should be avoided

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