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C.Chi.16, S.U.44, A.H.Ni.13, S.U.44, M.Ni.8


Kaamalaa S`habdo Ayam Saadhaaran`o S`habdah; Vis`heshaat Svalpe Bhaktaadi Abhilaashe PravartateTam Laati iti Kaamalaa | S.U.44 Haaraan`achandra


कामला is a next stage of Paan`d`u Roga. It may also occur without manifestation of पाण्डु Roga in a person who is having Pitta dominance. Sclera, nails, skin and face turn to the colour of turmeric (Haridraa).

The stools and urine change to reddish yellow colour. The skin complexion resembles to the skin of frog.

The perceptive ability of the sense organs gets diminished with symptoms like दाह (burning sensation), Avipaaka (indigestion), Daurbalya (debility), and Aruchi (anorexia).

It is generally said that S`haakhaas ‘hrita Bahupittaa Kaamalaa is manifested after कामला while S`haakhaas `hrita Alpapittaa Kaamalaa manifests without prerequisite of कामला.

Paan`d`u Rogee (a person suffering from Paan`d`u), indulges in Pitta aggravating factors such as sour food, alcohol, unwholesome diet. This aggravates Pitta and causes destruction of Rakta and Maamsa Dhaatu. Due to this कामला manifests.

        Kosht`has`haakhaas`hrita Kaamalaa (Bahupitaa Kaamalaa)

  • Kumbha Kaamalaa

  • Nirukti     
    Kumbhah Kosht`hah, Antah Sus`hira Saadharmyaat, Tadgataa Kaamalaa Kumbha Kaamalaa; Kosht`haas`hrayaa Iti Arthah | M.Ni.8/18Kumbha Kaamalaa Iti Avasthaabhedena Kosht`hagata Kaamalaayaah Sandnyaa,Kumbhah Kosht`hah, Tadaas`hrayaa Kaamalaa Kumbha Kaamalaa | C.Chi.16/34-38कामला which is harboured in Kumbha I.e. Kosht`ha is said to be Kumbha Kaamalaa.
  •  Sampraapti and Lakshan`a:     

    कामला if untreated leads to the oedema all over the body or with due course of time, कामला itself becomes more chronic and there is aggravation of Khara Gun`a (roughness) in the body. 
    There is oedema all over the body with redness in the eyes, face. Blood passes through the stools, urine and vomiting. The colour of stools and urine turns to blackish yellow.         
    A patient feels as if he is entering into the darkness. Digestive capacity is totally lost.
    There is pricking pain in the interphalengeal joints (Parva Bheda). At the end patient dies.         
    This is termed as Kumbha Kaamalaa. It is very difficult to cure.         
    According to Sus`hruta Kumbhaahva is the state of Paan`d`uroga in which a lot of oedema (starting from face) and pain in finger joint is present.         
  • Laagharaka (अलसक)Kumbha Kaamalaa itself associated with ज्वरAngamardaभ्रमSaada Tandraa and the patient is emaciated, is called as Laagharaka (Alasaakhya). D`alhan`a quotes another opinion that Paanakee as Avasthaa of Laagharaka.         
  • Haleemaka Lod`haraIn Kumbha Kaamalaa or in Paan`d`u, when skin colour changes to greenish yellow, dark brown (S`hyaava) it is Haleemaka. This pathogenesis happens due to Vaayu and Pitta. According to Vaagbhat`a Haleemaka, Lod`hara and Alasa are considered as same.  
  • Comparative study of कामला types 
 कामला (General)BahupittaaS`haakhaas`hritaKumbha कामलाHaleemaka
SvabhaavaDaarun`aDaarun`a  Mahaavyaadhi
Saadhyatva   Krichchhra Saashya 
DoshaPitta PrakopaPitta Prakopa  Vaata Pitta Prakopa
Dosha Gun`a   Khara 
DhaatuRakta DahanaMaamsa DahanaRakta DahanaMaamsa Dahana   
MalaPureesha MootraRakta Peeta Pureesha – MootraRakta Peeta  Pureesha Mootra Krishn`a Peeta  
IndriyaIndriya HatatvaIndriya DurbalatvaIndriya Hatatva   
Agni   Agni Nasht`aAgni Bhrams`ha अग्निमांद्य

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