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Etymology/ Definitionअग्निना कृत्वा यत्कर्म अग्निसंबन्धि वा यत्कर्म तदग्निकर्म:। सु.सू.१२/२ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.12/2 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – cauterization , Treatment given using heat
Implied MeaningA type of treatment, which deals with burning / branding of affected body part with certain instruments like Dahana S`halaakaa – a specially prepared instrument having metal tip.
ElaborationIt is mainly used to burn tissue to control further decaying of tissue and also to control bleeding.
Different instruments are used according to necessity:
1. Tvakggata Dahana ( Superficial Burn )( Tooth of Cow, Metal Arrow, Piper longum Suryakanta Mani etc.
2. Maamsagata ( muscle tissue )( Jambavoshta S`halaakaa
3. Siraa Snaayu Asthi Sandhigata ( Honey, chicory oil, and wax etc.
Indications for अग्निकर्म – S`hiroroga ( Various types of Headache ), Adhimantha ( Glaucoma ), diseases related to eyelids, elevated body tissue, corn, Piles, fistula, tumours, and warts etc.
Contraindications of अग्निकर्म – A person having Pitta Constitution, a person with internal bleeding, Anaemia, Diabetes, रक्तपित्त ( I. T. P .).
This is a special procedure to rid the body of contaminated body tissues from ulcers, which are preventing healing, to control localized pain and swelling or in case of a bleeder to arrest by burning, cauterizing the source to reduce the damage by sealing the bleeding vessel.
Depending upon the depth of vitiated Dosha and the site of their harbouring the degree of branding is decided as well as the instruments, method of branding is finalized.
SynonymsDahana Karma
Contemporary ColloquialCauterization

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