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चिकित्सा प्रकार: व्रण रोपण

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • The measures adopted to stimulate the process of healing is termed as Vran`a Ropan`a.

Other Description:

  • As soon as the wound becomes clean it automatically heals. But in few cases some extra stimulation is needed.
  • For this Dravya from Ambasthaadi Gan`a and Priyangvaadi Gan`a should be used depending on the nature of the wound.
  • This is carried out by Avachoorn`na, Dhaavana, Kalka, Ropan`a Taila, Ropan`a Ghrita or Varti.
  • Ropan`a Kashaaya should be used for S`huddha Vran`a.
  • Ropan`a Varti should be used for Vedanaarahita S`huddha Gambhira Vran`a.
  • Ropan`a Kalka should be used for Durgandhiyukta Maamsastha S`huddha Vran`a.
  • Ropan`a Ghrita should be used for Pittaja Raktaja Vishaja Aagantu Vran`a.
  • Ropan`a Taila should be used for Kaphavaataja Vran`a.
  • Ropan`a Rasakriyaa should be used for Pittaraktaja Vishaja Abhighaataja Abandhya Sandhistha Chala Vran`a.
  • Ropan`a Choorn`a should be used for Maamsa Tvakstha Vran`a.

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