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C.Su.28, S.Chi.26, C.Chi.30

Literally क्लैब्य means impotence. It is Rasapradoshaja Vikaara.

Klaibyam Iti Dhvajaanuchchhraayah | C.Su.28/18-19

By Charaka

  1. Beejopaghaataja
  2. Dhvajopaghaataja
  3. Jaraaja
  4. S`hukrakshayaja

By Sus`hruta

  1. Maanasa
  2. Dhaatu Kshayaja
  3. Dhvajabhangaja
  4. Pumstvopaghaataja
  5. Sahaja
  6. Khara S`hukra Nimittaja

        Beejopaghaataja Klaibya:
Impotence due to morbid affection(Upaghaata) of Beeja (S`hukra), is called as Beejopaghaataja Klaibya.

        Dhvajabhangakrita Klaibya:
It means the shattering of the penis due to several causative factors. It leads to the erectile dysfunction of the penis which is the cause of the क्लैब्य. It is Asaadhya.

        Jaraaja Klaibya:
This क्लैब्य is caused due to the age factor. In the old age, where all the Dhaatu has gone depleted. Moreover, there is depletion of S`hukra Dhaatu. Also, a person if does not consume any Vrishya Aahaara, then there can not be nourishment of S`hukra Dhaatu. It leads to the Kshaya of Bala, Veerya, and Indriya. A person is highly depleted and becomes weak, lustreless (Vivarn`atva) and Deena. He may lead to the many diseases and could have Dhaatu KshayaS`hukra Kshaya and Vaata Prakopa.

        Kshayaja Klaibya:
The first Dhaatu i.e. Rasa gets depleted due to the causative factors. Ultimately it leads to the depletion of the next Rakta and other Dhaatu. In this condition, if any person indulges in to the sexual act, then there is more loss of S`hukra. This is a serious condition which leads to the death. It is Asaadhya.

        Beejadoshaja Klaibya:
Due to the Beejadosha, Doshaa in the Garbha enter in to the Retovaha siraa. They dry out the Retas. Therefore, though a foetus is well developed, it is devoid of the male sexual characters. It is Asaadhya. It is caused due to Sannipaata.

        Maanasa Klaibya:
Due to unpleasant factors and some untruthful acts by a female, there is a क्लैब्य which is Maanasa.

        DhaatuKshayaja Klaibya / Aahaaraja:
This is caused due to the depletion of the S`hukra Dhaatu.

        Dhvajabhangaja Klaibya / Dhaatukshayaja:
This is caused due to the excessive sexual act and not having any Vaajeekaran`a Dravya. This is Dhvajopaghaataja Klaibya. It is caused due to the excessive Dhaatu Kshaya.

        Pumstvopaghaataja Klaibya / Marmaaghaataja:
This is caused due to the Med`hra Roga or trauma on to the Marma. This is Pumstvopaghaataja Klaibya. It is Asaadhya.

        Sahaja Klaibya:
This is impotence by birth. It is Asaadhya.

        Kharas`hukra Nimittaja:
This is observed in the Atisthoola (obese) person, a person whose mind is irritated, who obeys and believes in abstinence.

Asaadhya Klaibya
क्लैब्य due to following reasons is Asaadhya.
        S`hepha Chhedana
        Beeja Dosha

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