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चिकित्सा प्रकार: मर्श अथवा प्रतिमर्श

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • Instillation of medicated oil through the nostrils is termed as Mars`ha & Pratimars`ha.
  • The difference between Mars`ha & Pratimars`ha is only of the dose. The dose of Mars`ha is 2 drops & that of Pratimars`ha is 4 drops (Heena Maatraa), 8 drops (Madhyama Maatraa) and 10 drops (Uttama Maatraa).


  • |ÉÊiɨɶÉǺiÉÖ ¤ÉκiÉ´ÉiÉÂ*                          A H. Su. 10/32
  • Pratimars`ha can be instilled at any age like Maatraa Basti.
  • Pratimars`ha Nasya should be instilledat following times in a healthy person:-
  • Talpotthita Kaala (after getting up in the morning)
  • Prakshaalita Danta Kaala (after brushing teeth)
  • Griha Nirgachchhana 
  • Vyaayaamottara (after physical exercise)
  • Vyavaayaottara (after sexual intercourse)
  • Adhvaparis`hraanta Kaala (after walking for a long time)
  • Mala Mootra Visarjanottara (after micturition and defecation)
  • Kavalottara (after gargling)
  • Anjanottara (after application of collyrium)
  • Bhojanottara (after meal)
  • Vamanottara (after emesis)
  • Divaa Svapnotthitena (after getting up from sleep during day time)
  • Saayamkaala (evening)

Other Description:

  • These two are types of Snehana नस्य.
  • The drop is defined as after immersing the index finger up to two interphalengeal joints in warm medicated oil and whatever oil spills of it in drops – two, three, eight or ten, such drops are the dose of this type.
  • Various formulations used can be got through Anveshak search facility.

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