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चिकित्सा प्रकार: भेदन – शस्त्रकर्म

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • This is one of the eight S`hastrakarma described by Sus`hrita.
  • +ɶɪɠ½ýiÉ: ÊEúʈÉiÉ »É´ÉäkÉÊrü ʦÉzÉ™üIÉhɨÉÖSªÉiÉä   S. Chi. 2 / 11-12 
  • Taking an incision over an Aas`haya to drive out pus, urine etc is termed as Bhedana.


  • Before performing this procedure proper cleaning of the part over which the Bhedana is to done, should be first done.


  • Whenever there is pus formation / fluid accumulation inside any cavity this procedure should be carried out.
  • For big cavity or large accumulation two or three cuts should be taken. The distance between two cuts should be two or three Angula
  • The depth of the cut should be such that the cavity should be well seen or easy evacuation should be possible. Everything inside the cavity should come out of its own without pressing or squeezing.


  • Aas`hvaasana Chikitsaa – This is very important for developing confidence.
  • Then Vran`akarma should be done. For this the collections should be totally removed. Then keeping Kavalikaa over the wound Bandha (bandage) should be applied.
  • Vran`a Dhoopana should be done twice a day.
  • Dhoopana of the room of patient and bed of the patient.
  • Diet management as per the condition should be done and medicines if required should be given.   

Other Description:

  • Bhedana should be done in Tun`d`ikeree – Taalugata Roga if there is pus formation.

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