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स्नायुक चिकित्सा

B. R., Y. R. (Uttaraardha)

Dosha are aggravated in S`haakhaa to form शोथ like Visarpa.

The शोथ gets ruptured. The Snaayu (muscular tissue) at the place is dried. Thus, a worm comes out of it, which is white colored, which comes out of the wound slowly. If it gets cut, then there is increase of शोथ. If this worm comes out of the wound easily, the शोथ is pacified quickly. It may occur at some other place on the body. This is called as स्नायुक. If this worm breaks then it causes Sankocha or Khanjataa in the limbs. This disease is generally related to (Sootra Krimi) Guinea worm disease.

The line of treatment is similar to विसर्प.

Saamaanya Chikitsaa:

The Saktu Pin`d`a should be made of buttermilk and should be applied over wound so as to expel the Sootra Krimi.


Vis`hesha Chikitsaa:

Vaataja: – Ahimasaamoola Lepa
Pittaja: – Panchavalakala Lepa
Kaphaja: – Kanchanaara Lepa
Dvandvaja: – As per Dosha, involved in pathology treatment should be given.
Sannipaatika: – As per Dosha, involved in pathology treatment should be given.

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