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शूक रोग चिकित्सा

S.Chi.21, N.R. S`hookadosha

These are mustard shaped boils on the external genital organs. These get manifested due to vitiation of Kapha and Rakta. Due to the peculiar shape are called as Sarshapikaa.

Lekhana Scraping of mustard shaped boils followed by sprinkling of fine powder having astringent taste.
Vran`aropan`a – Gentle massage should be done to affected part with oil prepared from astringent substances.

These are boils on external genital organs which are manifested due to vitiation of Rakta and Pitta and have resemblance to Jamun nut.

Apaakee Pid`akaa In early premature state of boil, blood letting should be done till it pacifies or subsides.
Pakvaavasthaa सौषधं should be done followed by Ropan`a चिकित्सा with various Ropan`a Dravya.

These are boils which are manifested due to Vitiated Vaata and are having hard and irregular shape.

Rakta Visraavan`a – Blood letting should be done with Leech.
चिकित्सा similar to Kaphaja Granthee should be done.


Naad`ee Sveda It should be treated with sinus induced sudation and simultaneously poultice of unctuous and hot substances should be applied.
Upanaaha Unctuous and moderate hot Poultice should be applied.


Bhedana At matured stage boils should be ruptured and cleansed with surgical instrument followed by application of Siddha Taila (processed oil Hareetakee, Amalakee, Bibhitaka, Lodhra, Tinduka and Aamraataka ). It helps for better healing of wound.

These boils manifest over external genital organs with the same symptoms similar to प्रमेह Pid`akaa.

रक्तमोक्षण – Blood letting should be done with leeches.
Sechana Decoction (of Kashaaya Varga ) should be poured over blood letting site.
Ropan`a Oil prepared from Kashaaya Varga should be applied for better healing of wound.

These are boils generated due to rubbing of external genital organs by either hand or clothes.

Pareesheka Moderately warm Balaa oil should be poured over
Upanaaha Poultice of sweet substance and ghee should be applied over boils.

Samood`ha Pid`akaa

Immediate blood letting with Leech.
Incision drainage of matured boil followed by application of Ghee and Honey.
Treatment indicated in Pittaja Visarpa should be applied.

These are multiple elongated boils appear over genital organs and are centrally cracked. These are manifested due to vitiation of Kapha and Rakta. Pain and Romharsha (bristling of the hairs) are main symptoms of Avamantha Peed`akaa.

If boils are (Avamantha and Sarshapeekaa) not ruptured, blood letting should be done with leeches.
Taila Prayoga Application of oil prepared from Dhava, As`hvakarn`as, Patanga, Sallakee, Tindookee
Treatment of Sarshapeekaa is indicated for Avamantha.

The boil on external genital organs resembles to cluster of lotus and is surrounded by multiple boils, is called as Pushkarikaa. It is caused due to the vitiation of Pitta and Rakta.

S`heeta Kreeyaa Prayaoga
Ghrita Pareesheka
Similar treatment to Pittaja Visarpa

Spars`hahaani Chikitsaa

रक्तमोक्षण Blood letting with leech.
Lepa Application of paste of sweet substances.
Parisheka Cold Milk + Sugarcane Juice + Ghee
Treatment described for विसर्प, should be followed.

These are boils manifested over external genital organs which resembles to Maasha (Black gram). It is caused due to the vitiation of the Pitta and Rakta.

S`hastrakarma:The boils should be lifted with Bad`eesha Yantra (surgical instrument in the form of a hook) and incised with surgical instrument.
Lepana: Incision should be followed by application of paste of substances having astringent taste and honey.


Lekhana Initially small boils over penis should be scratched with instrument. The ointment prepared from astringent substances and honey should be applied over scratched area. Formulations like Rasakriyaa and Prishn`yaadi Siddha Taila etc should be applied locally.

Raktapaaka चिकित्सा
चिकित्सा guidelines should be followed as per विसर्प.

Raktaarbuda Chikitsaa / S`honitaarbuda

Treatmentguidelines should be followed as per Raktaja Vidradhi.
Chikitsaa Karma Abhyanga / Lepa, Kvaatha, Kalka, Ghrita, Taila, Rasakriyaa (As per Dveevran`eeya Chikitsaa)
Ropan`a Karma
Laghu Aahaara

अभ्यंग The gentle massage should be given to boils, followed by Svedana (sudation) and Upanaaha Sveda (poultice).

Snehana (Oleation), Svedana (Sudation) and unctuous diet should be given. It is same as Nivritta.

In this disease urethral tract is obstructed at the initial part of penis due to constriction of covering foreskin. It reduces penile lumen, which hinders free flow of urine.

To widen the penile lumen is the principle of the treatment. Vagbhat`a has described specific procedure for it.
Theurethraldilatorhavingbilateral opening should be smeared with Lakshaa (red dye) and lubricated in oil or Ghee.

As per constricted lumen of the penis, appropriate dilator should be chosen and skill fully inserted in to opening of penis; simultaneously Vaatagna Taila should be poured over penis.

This procedure should be repeated after three days with gradually increasing size of dilators. It helps to reduce the constricted foreskin.

If above procedure failed, surgeon should cut the foreskin of penis, taking care of dorsal artery. After that guidelines described under Kshata Sandhaana Vidhi (suturing etc) should be followed.

Maamsa Paaka
Considering Asaadhya it should be treated with utmost care- Sushruta

Considering Asaadhya it should be treated with utmost care- Sushruta

Considering Asaadhya it should be treated with utmost care – Sushruta


चिकित्सा to be followed as विसर्प.
Sechana For Sechana, drugsmentioned in विसर्प, should be followed.


Rasa- Tikta, Kashaaya, Madhura
Dhaanya- S`haalee, Yava,
S`haaka-Kat`hillaka, Pat`ola, S`higruphala, S`haalincha, Nava Moolaka, Dhattura
Dugdha- Ghrita
Drava- Taila, Koopa Jala
Phala-Daad`ima, Karkat`ee
Kritaanna– Jaangala Maamsarasa, Mudga Yoosha
Other-Vamana, Virechana, Jalaukaavachaaran`a, Sechana, Lepa, Saindhava, Triphalaa, Chandana, Kasturee, Karpooora


Rasa- Amla
Gun`a/ karma- Guru
Kritaanna- Gud`a and Gud`ajanita Padaartha
Other- Maithuna, Divaasvaapa, Mootraavarodha, Vyaayaama

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