विषय सूची पर जायें

चिकित्सा प्रकार: मर्दन / उन्मर्दन

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • These are the types of Baahya Snehana.
  • The procedure in which massage (unctuous) is done by pressing the body parts is termed as Mardana.
  • Unmardana is a Mardana done with the palm of hand, in Pratiloma direction or by elevating or lifting the body parts.
  • Hasta Talena Mardanam Unmardanam.


  • This should be done as a daily regime during Hemanta Ritu.

Pradhaana Karma:

  • It should be done after Vyaayaama.

Chikitsaa Karma (Benefits):

  • S`hramahara (relief from fatigue)
  • Snaayu S`hoolahara (relief from pain in muscles)
  • S`hareera Laaghava (lightness of body)

Other Description:

  • Indications and various formulations used can be got through Anveshak search facility.

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