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Etymology/ Definitionलाभोपायो हि शस्ताना रसादीनां रसायनम् च.सू.१/१/७
ReferenceC.Chi.1/16, S.Su 1/7, A H.U.39/1-2
Literary MeaningM / W – a medicine supposed to prevent old age and prolong life, a measure, which when used stabilizes the life process, retards aging and repairs the damages caused to the body constituents by the disease process.
Implied MeaningThe रसायन drugs have beneficial action on all the ingredients of human life viz. The S`hareera Indriya ( sense organ ), Sattva and Aatman ( soul ). It improves Rasa substantively, qualitatively and functionally, which ultimately results in stability of age, improves functionality of sense organs and mind. It also gives a sense of wellbeing and even emancipation after a fruitful and healthy life.
Entity facilitating generation, passage of Aahaara Rasa from Kosht`ha to Dhaatu for their conversion.
Elaborationरसायन is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda Rasaayana Dravya nourishes ( Apyaayanam ) each and every body tissue ( Rasaadi Dhaatu ). This results in extended lifespan, good health, good memory and intellect as well as toned up Dnyaanendriya and continued youthfulness. रसायन are of two types
1. Vaataatapika
2. Kut`eepraaves`hika
Vaataatapika Rasaayana is one, which is administered to an individual even when he is exposed to Vaata ( wind ) and Aatapa ( sun ). It can be taken while continuing with other daily schedule.
Classification as per D`alhan`a
Kaamya – One which boosts Praan`a and Medhaa ( intelligence )
Naimittika – As per status of disease or for a certain period e. g. S`hilaajatu Chitraka
3. Aajastrika Ksheera Ghrita ) – To be taken regularly for nourishment of all Dhaatu .
Naimittika Rasaayana is more focused in its action. It could be disease specific. It is useful to strengthen the weaker tissue ( Dhaatu ). It improves Dhaatubala by purifying or pacifying Dosha. Examples of रसायन in particular diseases are:
उदर ( Ascites )( Pippali Rasaayana
Madhumeha ( Diabetes )( S`hilaajatu
शोथ ( Generalized oedema )( Punarnavaa
It acts at various levels by boosting Dhaatu , by stabilizing Vaya , by developing functions of various organs, and by nurturing Dhaatvaagni .
SynonymsJaraanaas`hana Vyaadhi Naas`hana
Contemporary ColloquialTonics, Adaptogens, Immunomodulators, Mood elevators, Rejuvenators

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