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चिकित्सा प्रकार: संकर स्वेद

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • Fomentation by means of hot bolus of prescribed drugs with or without being wrapped in a cloth (keeping inside a Pot`t`alee or applying directly over the body). 

Poorvakarma (Prerequisite):

     Patient preparation:

  • अभ्यंग – whole body.
  • S`hirobhyanga.
  • Tala Dhaaran`a – A bowl like shape is prepared with the help of Aamalakee paste. This is filled with any Taila having S`heeta property. It should be covered by any leaf having Vaatahara property.
  • For Ekaanga Sveda Taladharan`a need not be done.

Medicine Preparation:

  • According to the type of Sveda i.e. unctuous drugs like TilaMaasha etc. for Snigdha Sankara Sveda and dry drugs like Vaalukaa, excreta of animals etc. for Rooksha Sankara Sveda.
  • TilaMaashaKulatthaMaamsarasaKsheeraPaayasaAmlavargaS`hakrid of GoKhara etc., VaalukaaMritkapaalaPaas`haan`aLoha Pind`aPaansuDhaanyaBusaPulaaka PalaalaKaanjiS`hasht`ika S`haalee Pin`d`a.


  • Sveda can be applied to whole body or to a part of the body. (In Sandhee S`hoola at the specific joint or for diseases like शोष whole body Sveda).
  • There are 2 types of this Svedana i.e.1) Snigdha Sankara Sveda – for this type of Svedana unctuous drugs like TilaMaasha etc. are used. This is indicated in Vaata Pradhaana Doshaja Vyaadhi. 2) Rooksha Sveda – for this type of Svedana dry drugs like Vaalukaa, excreta of animals etc. are used. This is indicated in Kapha PradhaanaAamaja and Medaja Vyaadhiआमवात.
  • The drugs are kept inside a Pot`t`alee and made warm by immersing inside Paayasa, Maamsa Rasa etc.
  • For dry Sankara Sveda the materials are heated directly and fomentation is done by direct contact with body.
  • Four assistants should stand around the patient. Two assistants should do Svedana over body parts above waist and two below waist.
  • The assistants should apply Sveda by constantly moving the Pot`t`alee.
  • The movement should be from Manyaa towards the Kat`ee and from Kat`ee towards the legs.
  • When the Svedana is applied without the help of Pot`t`alee, then the medicine should be applied directly over the body. (Annalepana)
  • Precaution should be taken to avoid burns.


  • The medicine should be removed with the help of leaves of Naarikela and Eran`d`a.
  • The oil should be wiped out completely.

Other Description:

  • It is also called as Pin`d`a Sveda.
  • Vaalukaa Pot`t`alee SvedaAnnalepanaS`hasht`ika S`haalee Sveda can be included in this category.
  • Precaution should be taken to avoid Dagdha.
  • While administration of Annalepana or Pin`d`a Sveda physician should monitor the patient for Kosht`ha S`huddhi (by application of Gandharvahastaadi Kvaatha).
  • This type of Sveda is indicated in Daahapradhaana Vyaadhi.

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