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अनुक्त व्याधि

As man makes advances in science and discovers new ways to lead a comfortable life, he indirectly invites the hazards of nature in the form of various new diseases. Our Aachaaryaas had this vision; hence they explained the concept of understanding the new diseases(अनुक्त व्याधि).

अनुक्त व्याधि are the diseases which are neither elaborated or nor described in classical texts or lexicons of Aayurveda. To understand and appreciate the concept of अनुक्त व्याधि due consideration to the basic concepts of Ayurveda is a must i.e. Dosha Dhaatu Mala Vidnyaana, Concept of Rasa, Gun`a, Veerya, Vipaaka and Karma etc.for easy and better understanding. Though these are not interpreted by their names, the cluster of signs and symptoms and the underlying pathology can be understood by the basic principles: which not only help in understanding the pathogenesis but also give us a direction to think in terms of treatment for the same.

As to what may be the probable reasons for Anuktatva, the reasons may be many but can be summed up as:-

             The system of teaching
             In adequate material and time constraints for documentation
             Innumerable Hetu and Lakshan`a
             Constant out break of epidemics
             New causative factors
             Continuous change in diet and life style

There arises a question as to how to diagnose these Vyaadhi, when they have not been explained or elaborated in our texts. But our Aachaaryaas have commented that a Vaidya need not be ashamed in such a condition where he / she cannot name a disease; in fact it is not at all necessary to know the exact nomenclature as that is not always possible. But it does not mean that one cannot diagnose such a condition.

It can be diagnosed by the following methodology i.e.

                  Based on the causative factors
                  Based on the group of Lakshan`a
                  Based on the basic concepts of Vikriti Vidnyaana i.e.

DoshaVriddi, Kshaya and Dusht`i Lakshan`a
DhaatuVriddi, Kshaya and Dusht`i Lakshan`a
MalaVriddi, Kshaya and Dusht`i Lakshan`a
SrotasDusht`i Lakshan`a, Dusht`i Prakaara
AgniAgni Dusht`i Lakshan`a, Aama Lakshan`a

The logic behind this is that the pathogenesis should involve the basic Sampraapti factors like DoshaDhaatu Agni, Srotas; without the involvement of these the disease cannot get manifested and hence the through knowledge of these basic factors helps us to understand the pathology involved and accordingly the treatment can be planned.

The above table in relation to basic Principles can be illustrated with an example of a contemporary disease i.e., Carpel Tunnel Syndrome:

Modern DiseaseSigns and SymptomsLakshan`a In terms of AayurvedaSampraapti Reading
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome PainS`hoola, Vaata Prakopa
Tingling SensationChimachimaayanaMaamsagata Vaata
NumbnessSuptataTvakgata Vaata
Burning feet SyndromeBurning Sensation in footPaada DaahaPitta Prakopa

After analyzing the causative factors involved in the pathogenesis, one can treat such a condition based on the basic treatment principles i.e.
       Nidaana Parivarjana( Avoiding the causative factors)
       Reverse Pathogeneses:- The factors involved in the pathogeneses (Sampraapti Ghat`akaà Dosha, Dhaatu, Mala, Agni, Aama, Udbhava Sthaana, Vyakti Sthaana, Srotas, Sroto Dusht`i Prakaara)
       Viruddha Gun`a Chikitsaa

Thus not knowing the nomenclature of the disease is not of utmost importance but understanding the pathogeneses and treating the same brings in a self satisfaction to the Vaidya and at the same time the patient shows a sense of gratitude and faith.

Thinking on these lines we can develop the treatment of the newly emerging diseases.

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