विषय सूची पर जायें


S.U.46; M.Ni.17.

मूर्च्छा is fainting, syncope or spontaneous loss of consciousness caused by Pitta and Tama.

A person who is weakened and dominated by Dosha excessively (Bahu Dosha), who consumes Viruddha Aahaara, who is mentally weak; in these situations, Dosha harbor in the Indriya causing Moorchchaa. There is other signs including Hritpeed`aaJrimbhan`aGlaani, Samdnyaa Naas`ha, Bala Naas`ha.

When Sandnyaavaha Srotas gets filled by Dosha, suddenly there loss of consciousness, which is termed as Moorchchhaa. In all the types of Moorchchhaa, Pitta is dominated.

According to Sus`hruta, when a person is dominated by Dosha and Mana is affected by Tama, then he is suffered by संन्यास. A person never gets back to his senses. It is Asaadhya.


  1. Vaataja
  2. Pittaja
  3. Kaphaja
  4. Raktaja
  5. Madyaja

In Vaataja, Pittaja and Kaphaja Moorchchhaa, symptoms of अपस्मार get manifested.

        Vaataja Moorchchhaa:
Patient faints down and feels as if he is entering into the darkness by looking the space dark blue. He awakes immediately, There is Hrit Peed`aa, Vepathu, Bhrama, Kaars`hya. The complexion of the patient becomes darkcoloured.

        Pittaja Moorchchhaa:
Patient enters in to the darkness by looking space red or yellow. He awakes with the perspiration, burning, thirst etc. The eyes become red and yellow.

        Kaphaja Moorchchhaa:
Patient faints down looking space colored like clouds. He awakes relatively late. There is Hrillaasa, Praseka, Staimitya etc.

        Rudhiraja Moorchchhaa:
Due to the smell of blood, persons suffer from Moorchchhaa. There is rigidity in body parts, and eyes. There is concealed exhalation.

        Madyaja Moorchchhaa:
There is Vilaapa, Nasht`a Maanasa, Vibhraanta Maanasa, Gaatra Vikshepa

        Vishaja Moorchchhaa:
There is Vepathu, Svapna, Trishn`aa, Stambha.

        Saannipaatika Moorchchhaa:
The patient faints down like Apasmaara. But the difference is that there are no loathsome movements in Saannipaatika Moorchchhaa.

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