विषय सूची पर जायें

चिकित्सा प्रकार: व्रण शोधन

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • Even though almost all the Dusht`a Dosha are removed by Bhedana something is left behind coated inside the skin and Maamsa Dhaatu or in the corners of the Vran` a S`hotha. The removal is done by a procedure which is termed as व्रण S`hodhana.

Other Description:

  • The Vran`a S`hodhana is carried out by the शोधन द्रव्य belonging to the Surasaadi Gan`a, Aaragvadhaadi Gan`a or Arkaadi Gan`a depending on the nature of the Dusht`a Dosha and the body location.
  • This is carried out by Avachoorn`na, Dhaavana, Kalka, S`hodhana Taila, S`hodhana Ghrita or Varti.
  • Varti Chikitsaa is specially indicated if the opening of व्रण is very small or deep seated.
  • Kalka are used when the व्रण is big occupying bigger area in Maamsa Dhaatu.
  • Avachoorn`na should be done if the व्रण is limited only to skin.
  • Dhaavana should be done if there is Kotha (decaying) formation in Vran`a.
  • Generally S`hodhana Taila and S`hodhana Ghrita are used for all practical purpose.
  • S`hodhana Kashaaya should be used for Durgandhi Kledayukta Pichchhila Vran`a.
  • S`hodhana Kalka or Varti should be used for Sas`halya, An`umukhi, GambhiraMaamsans`hrita Vran`a.
  • S`hodhana Ghrita should be used for Pittadusht`a Gambhira Daahapaakayukta Vran`a and व्रण with Pittakapha Anubandha.
  • S`hodhana Taila should be used for Utsanna Maamsa Ruksha Alpasraavi Vran`a and व्रण with Kaphavaata Anubandha.
  • S`hodhana Rasakriyaa should be used for Sthira Maamsayukta Dusht`a Vran`a.
  • S`hodhana Choorn`a should be used for Medodusht`a Uttaana Durgandhi Vran`a.

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