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चिकित्सा प्रकार: अरिष्ट बंधन

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • अरिष्टा वस्त्रादिभिर्मन्त्रपुरस्कृतैर्बन्धः । D`alhan`a
  • Tying a tourniquet is termed as Arisht`a Bandhana.


  • One of the above materials should be tied 4 fingers (3-5 cm) proximal to the bite, along with simultaneously chanting of मंत्र.
  • The tourniquet should not be too tight otherwise it will produce oedema or suppuration of wound.
  • The tourniquet should notbe too loose otherwise it would not obstruct flow of venom towards heart.

चिकित्सा Karma:

  • Siraa Visham Na Vahanti (Delays systemic circulation of poison by mechanical obstruction.)
  • Visha Stambhana
  • Visha Prasara Nirodha

Other Description:

  • This procedure is helpful only as primary treatment of poisoning, but now a days immobilization of limb and broad bandaging of whole limb is preferred instead of tying a tourniquet.
  • Traditionally some schools use pleated cloth (Ven`ikaa), some use broad stripes of cloth or leather thongs.
  • Tightening is done with a wooden peg.

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