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चिकित्सा प्रकार: पुटपाक

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • The procedure in which Netra Tarpan`a is done with the help of juice extracted by Put`apaaka method.


  1. Lekhana Put`apaaka
  2. Snehana Put`apaaka
  3. Prasaadana Put`apaaka

Poorvakarma (Prerequisites):

Patient preparation:

  • The patient should under go सौषधं (Vamana, Virechana, Raktamokshan`a, Nirooha Basti) and S`hiro Virechana Nasya (Errhines) this leads to elimination of the vitiated three Dosha. A cleaner internal environment and improved sensorimotor apparatus function called as Mastishka S`hodhana should be achieved.S.U. 18 /5-11
  • The patient should be examined by the Vaidya with respect to digestion status of the previous day. This gives information about the Agni status of the person.
  • The room where Netra Tarpan`a is to be administered should be closed, devoid of direct breeze, sunlight, smoke, and should be furnished with curtains of colours except blue and yellow..                                                                 A.S. Su. 33/3                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Selection of auspicious and suitable timefor the patient.                   S.U.18/5


  • The Lekhana, Snehana and Prasaadana Put`apaaka should be retained around eye for 100, 200 and 300 Maatraa consecutively.
  • For Lekhana and Snehana Put`apaaka the medicine should be lukewarm and for Prasaadana Put`apaaka it should be cold.
  • Put`apaaka should be done only for one day for Kapha dominance.
  • Put`apaaka should be done consecutively for two days for Pitta dominance.
  • Put`apaaka should be done consecutively for three days for Vaata dominance.


  • धूमपान should be done after Lekhana and Snehana Put`apaaka.
  • The patient should not be allowed to face direct bright light immediately after Tarpan`a
  • The patient should not be allowed to see bright objects and sky immediately after Tarpan`a
  • The patient should follow the dietary and lifestyle regime for double the period of Put`apaaka treatment.
  • The patient should keep pack of petals of jasmine flowers over the eyes for cooling effect at night during the period of treatment. 

Samyak Yoga (Benefits):

  • Prasanna Varn`a (improves glow of eyes)
  • Vis`hada Netra (cleanses eye)
  • Vaata Aatapasaha (improves tolerance of the eye for sun and wind)
  • Sukha Svapna (good sleep)
  • Sukha Svapna Avabodha (easy awakening)


  • Rujaa (pain in eye)
  • शोथ (oedema of eye)
  • Pid`akaa (blisters)
  • Timira (vision problem)


  • Paaka (inflammation of eye)
  • As`hru (increased lacrimation)
  • Netra Harsha
  • Doshodgama

Other Description:

  • Snehana Put`apaaka should be administered in Vaataja Abhishyanda, Raktaja Abhishyanda, Raktaja Adhimantha, Siraaharsha, Sirotpaata and Vaataja Adhimantha Netra Roga.
  • Snehana and Prasaadana Put`apaaka should be administered in Vaataja Timira Netra Roga.
  • Other indications and various formulations used can be got through Anveshak search facility.

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