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भस्मक (अत्याग्नि )


Ch.Chi.15, A.H.Chi.10


This is a disease caused due to the hyperactivity of the digestive capacity (Teekshn`aagni). After having food, a person gets relief and after the digestion gets irritated. Proper diet is required in this condition.


  1. When aggravated Pitta gets associated with Vaayu, in a Kapha depleted condition; with the help of hot attribute, Pitta gets powered by the power of Agni.
  2. This Pitta is strengthened and the Agni is increased.
  3. This increased Agni digests food quickly and digests Dhaatu also.
  4. It may lead to the weaknessand death.

Upadrava of Atyagni


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