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Etymology/ Definitionपृथकत्वं तु इदं द्रव्यं पटलक्षणं, घटात् पृथग् इत्यादिका बुद्धिर्यतो भवति, तत् पृथकत्वं भवति । च. सू. २६/३३ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningM / W – separately , singly
Implied MeaningIt is one of the Paraadi attributes
ElaborationPrithakatva indicates difference. Gun`a, which enables us to differentiate one substance from another is called Prithakatva ( separation ).
Separation helps one to establish the difference or distinctiveness among various substances. There are three causes, which make this Prithakatva ( separation ) evident.
1. ASanyoga ( non – union )- Eyes of a person can not unite with each other due to Prithakatva
2. Vailakshan`ya ( peculiarity )- Peculiarity of the substances belonging to different groups is also a type of Prithakatva. E. g. Leaves of Kaanchanaraa ( Bahunia veriagata ) and Karbudaara ( Bahunia perpurea ).
3. Anekataa ( multiplicity )- The difference or the distinctiveness between two individual grains or the difference between two particles of sand on the seashore is due to Prithakatva Gun`a.
All such causes that help in establishing the difference, dissimilarity and distinctiveness among comparable substances is Prithakatva
SynonymsVish`esha, Vaishist`yam, Atulaarthataa,
Contemporary ColloquialDiscrimination, differentiation, separation

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