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Etymology/ Definitionतदेव व्यक्ततां यातं रूपमित्यभिधीयते संस्थानं व्यञ्जनं लिङ्गं लक्षणं चिह्नमाकृति:।
अ. हृ. नि. १/५
ReferenceA.H.Su.10/6, M.Ni.1/11 Madhukos`ha
Literary MeaningSymptom
Implied MeaningIt is the clinical manifestation in the form of symptoms after complete development of a disease.
ElaborationNidaanapanchaka is the collective term used to describe the 5 factors of the process of a diagnosis, which is involved in giving a confirmed diagnosis by sequential consideration as well as a differential diagnosis by the process of examination. Roopa is one of the factor of Nidaanapanchaka .
During the progressing stage of a disease, symptoms ( Roopa ) are related to affected Dosha as well as the organ or the tissue. The symptoms arise as a result of increase, decrease or vitiation of Dosha . These symptoms are the clinical presentation of a disease. It is an important tool to diagnose the disease. E. g. Santaapa ( burning sensation ) is Roopa of ज्वर ( Fever ).
SynonymsLinga Chihna, Aakriti, Vyanjana, Sansthaana, Lakshan`a
Contemporary ColloquialSymptom, Sign

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