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Aabhyantara (Route of administration)

KeywordAabhyantara (Route of administration)
Implied MeaningAdministration of a drug through mouth, internal administration
ElaborationThis is a route of administration of a drug through the mouth. According to Charaka Samhitaa , this route of administration is used mainly for diseases arising from the Aamaas`haya ( stomach ) and also for various purpose like:
1. Pathyaahaara i. e. wholesome diet. If a patient takes wholesome diet, then he is cured earlier. Because wholesome diet is easily digested, it gives strength and enhances the action of medicines.
2. Medicines are administered in the form of powder, tablets, decoctions etc.
3. Snehapaana i. e. internal oleation
4. Virechanaadi i. e. Taking medicines for S`hodhana Chikitsaa

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