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Etymology/ Definitionअनुमानं नाम तर्को युक्त्यपेक्षः । यथा अग्निं जरणशक्त्या । च. वि. ८/४०
Literary MeaningM / w – the act of inferring or drawing a conclusion from given premise, inference, consideration, reflection, guess
Implied MeaningIt is a type of Pramaan ` a, described by Aachaarya .
ElaborationIt is one of the instruments of knowledge acquisition. It follows direct perception. It involves logic both of inductive and deductive types. It involves establishing relationship among diverse factors, between cause and effect and conversely between effect and cause.
It is an important tool in the hand of a physician to aid him in understanding the various facets of diagnostics, predicting the course of the disease, its prognosis and planning the management.
SynonymsTarka, Yukti
Contemporary ColloquialInference

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