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Etymology/ Definitionअपथ्यैः- स्वभावमात्राकालादिविरूध्दस्वभावैः । अ.ह्र.शा.२/२२ अरुणदत्त
ReferenceA.H.Sha.2/22 Arun`adatta
Literary MeaningM / W – unsuitable, inconsistent, unwholesome as food or drink in particular complaints, Patha means path ( channel, system ) in the body. Any measure damaging to the pathways or Srotasa ( body channels ) in the body is Apathya.
Implied MeaningThe various systems or channels of the body are responsible for carrying nourishment to the constituents. Any substance, action that is detrimental or damaging to them owing either to its natural tendency, or time or the dose in which it is administered, is termed Apathya.
ElaborationCognizance of Apathya is advocated as a part of treatment procedure to prevent the prospective disease. It includes discussion of diet and lifestyle. The dietary articles and life styles, which are unwholesome in general, include consumption of curds at night. Viruddha Aahaara ( incompatible food combinations ), Divaasvaapa ( nap in the afternoon ) are general Apathya .
For a person suffering from any particular disease, the frame of unsuitable food and regimen ( Apathya ) change accordingly.All the causative factors of any disease are considered unsuitable for that particular individual and they should be strictly avoided during the treatment. It causes vitiation of body constituents ( Dhaatu ) and results in a contamination of the body constituents. It sometimes endangers life itself. The effects of unsuitable factors are observed on various Dhaatu and other constituents according to the quality, quantity, and intensity of Apathya .
SynonymsVyaadhi Hetu

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