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Etymology/ Definitionनवधान्य – नवमिति वर्षं यावत् । सु. सू. ४६/५१ डल्हण
ReferenceA.H.Su.6/25,S.Su.46/51 D`alhan`a, A.H.Su.29/ 39
Implied MeaningFood grains within one year of harvesting are called Navadhaanya .
ElaborationFresh grains ( just harvested ) are Abhishyandi ( cause excess exudation from tissue pores and block them by it ). Vaagbhat`a advises to avoid fresh grains in those individuals who are suffering from various ulcers as they aggravate three Dosha and cause excessive production of liquid waste ( Kleda ), which delays healing of ulcers.
Food grains after one year and before two years of harvesting are called Puraan`a Dhaanya. Beyond two years grains loose their potency and are devoid of essence. Hence they should not be used.
SynonymsNootana Dhaanya
AntonymPuraan`a Dhaanya

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