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Etymology/ Definitionलेहः शर्करादीनां पाकाद् कृतः लिह्यते इति लेहः । च.सू.१३/२४ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Chi.1/62-74, Sh.S.M.8/1-3
Literary MeaningM / W – Licking, lapping
Implied MeaningMedicinal preparations, which are likable and are prepared by using jaggery, honey are called Avaleha.
ElaborationA decoction mixed with medicines and jaggery is heated on low flame, stirring continuously till it becomes sticky and thick. This formulation is called Avaleha. These are mainly used to boost Agni and strengthen body constituents.
When Avaleha is adequately heated, following signs should be expected:
It should be so viscous that when poured it should remain in continuous flow with string appearance.
After cooling, it should be so thick that thumb impression can appear on it.
Chyavanpraas`haavaleha is widely used and is a popular Avaleha. It is indicated in various diseases like S`hvaasa ( Breathlessness ), Kaasa cough ) etc.
Other examples – Kan`t`akaaryaavaleha ( Solanam virginianum is main ingredient ), Pippalyaavaleha ( long piper is main ingredient )
SynonymsRasakriyaa, Praas`ha, Leha
Contemporary ColloquialJam Marmalade

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