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Etymology/ Definition उदीरयति उत्कटं करोति । सु.शा.३/४ डल्हण, उदीर्यते इति उत्पद्यते । च.चि.१५/९ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceS.Sha.3/4 D`alhan`a,C.Chi.15/10 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningTo precipitate, to forcibly generate
Implied MeaningThis term denotes a premature precipitation of various body constituents like various desires, hunger, defecation etc. It signifies a state of precipitation of various body constituents especially Dosha.
ElaborationThis term has various connotations. It is used with various body constituents in different contexts i. e. Pittodeeran ` a, Malodeeran ` a.
During the first stage of digestion six consumed Rasa ( tastes ) are converted into sweet taste, which results into frothy cough ( Phenabhootam Udeeryate ). Similarly in second stage of digestion Achchha Pitta ( frank Pitta ) emerges ( Pittama Achchham Udeeryate ) ( C. Chi. 15 / 10 ).
It is also used to indicate forcible creation of natural urges ( Vegodeeran`a ), which causes various diseases.
At the time of conception Vaayu provokes Teja, which is responsible for movement of semen ( S. Sha. 3 / 4 ).

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