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Uttara Basti

KeywordUttara Basti
Etymology/ Definition उत्तरबस्ति संज्ञा उत्तरमार्गदीयमानतया, किंवा श्रेष्ठगुणतया उत्तरबस्तिः ।
च.सि.९।५० चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Si. 9/50 Chakrapaan`i, A.H.Su.19/77, S.Chi.1/109
Literary MeaningM / W – a small syringe , a urethra injection pipe
Implied MeaningThe procedure in which liquid medicine is administered through Uttara Maarga ( urethra in males, vagina in females ) is called Uttara Basti. Also the Basti having best properties and effects is termed as Uttara Basti.
ElaborationThis procedure is indicated in both sexes of reproductive age for genitourinary diseases and infertility.
In male and female genitourinary diseases ( mostly related with bladder, uterus, vagina ), according to Vaagbhat`a, Uttara Basti should be advised after elimination of Dosha with two or three Nirooha Basti .
Due to anatomical differences dimensions of Basti Netra ( canula ) differs in males and females.
In females this procedure is advised in proliferative phase as Garbhaas haya Mukha is open during this period ( A. H. Su. 19 / 77 ). But in conditions like prolapsed uterus, Yoniroga ( vaginal disorders ), Menorrhegia etc ., it can be administered in secretory phase also.
AntonymNirooha Basti, Anuvaasana Basti

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