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Etymology/ Definitionरोमाकीर्णो व्रणो यस्तु न सम्यगुपरोहति । क्षुरकर्तरिसन्दंशैस्तस्य रोमाणि निर्हरेत् । सु.चि.१/१०४
ReferenceS.Chi.1/104, S.Chi.108
Literary MeaningM / W – depilatory for removing the hair
Implied MeaningTo remove body hair
ElaborationThis is one of the sixty modalities used to treat a wound. Sometimes the wound doesn’t heal properly because of the body hair present at that area. So these hair need to be removed. They should be cut with the help of forceps and scissors.
Some substances are applied over the skin for this purpose. E. g. powder of conch, Yellow arsenic etc. If a wound is having hairs within it, they do not allow healing of the wound properly, causing disturbance in the healing process. The procedure is sometimes adopted to remove unwanted body hair as a cosmetic measure.
Roma or Loma is the word applicable to the hairs on the body of men. This word is not applicable to the long hairs on head, beard not to the mane and tail of the animals.
Some drugs which are used to remove the hairs on the wound are – S`hankha Choorn`a, Harataala, S`hukta, Bhallaataka Taila, Snuheekheera , etc.
AntonymRomajanana, Romasanjanana

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