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Etymology/ Definition सात्म्यं नाम तद्‌ यदात्मन्युपशेते, सात्म्यार्थो ह्युपशयार्थ: । च.वि.१/२०
Literary MeaningM / W – wholesome
Implied MeaningEntities which are homologous to body, mind and spirit are called Saatmya .
ElaborationSaatmya is of two types viz. congenital and acquired. The congenital one is due to the predominant Dosha in the individual constitution and it stays with his or her life.
The acquired homologation is the one, which the person acquires as a habit. E. g. tobacco, alcohol etc.
Consideration of Saatmya is important from diagnostic and management point of view. It also indicates the prognosis of the condition.
Types of Saatmya are:
Pravara ( superior )- judicious usage of all tastes in a proper sequence. This is the best of all.
Avara ( inferior )- indulgence in any one taste due to personal liking. This is the worst of all.
Madhya ( average )- using less than six but more than one type of tastes is the average type of homologation.
According to another mode of classification, it is of seven types depending upon the administration of any one taste singly and usage of all the six tastes combined together.
Contemporary ColloquialHomologation, Compatibility

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