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Vran`a S`hodhana

KeywordVran`a S`hodhana
Literary MeaningCleansing of vitiated / contaminated wound
Implied MeaningDue to the Dosha and pus, wound is vitiated leading to the improper healing or non – healing of the wound ; in this condition cleansing of the wound ( Vran`a S`hodhana ) is indicated.
ElaborationWhen wound smells foul ( Durgandhee ), there is Kleda ( presence of watery secretions ), Pichchila ( sticky and slimy secretions ); then the wound is to be cleansed by Kashaaya Dravya ( astringent drugs ) like Ankot`a Alangium lamarckii Thwaites ), Karaveera Nerium odorum Soland .) etc.
S`hodhana Varti 
can be applied in a wound with a foreign body with small opening, deeply penetrated, reaching muscles.
In Pitta vitiated व्रण , deep wound, suppurated wound, Kaarpaasee Phala Sarshapa Ghrita is to be administered.
Elevated, rough wound, wound with scanty secretions, Sarshapa Taila is a cleansing agent.
If wound cleansing fails, Rasakriyaa is to be use. Rasakriyaa can be prepared from Sauraasht`ree, Hareetakee etc.

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