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Etymology/ Definitionलेखने खर:। अ.हृ.सू १/१८ हेमाद्रि
ReferenceA.H.Su.1/18 Hemaadri, S.Su.46/515, S.Ni.1/7 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – harsh , rough
Implied MeaningRough, irregular feeling to touch is called Khara . It has a feel like Karkot`aka Phala .
ElaborationThis is a complex attribute. Roughness is associated with dryness and it also has a grating sound associated with it. It is like saw cutting through wood or a sand paper rubbing over wooden surface. Hence when substances with this property tend to aggravate not just roughness but dryness, lightness too. Thus it increases Vaata but on the other hand it annihilates Kapha and Pitta too. It renders the various body constituents completely rough. Hence they resist normal movement of Vaata along them leading to उदावर्त .
This attribute can be perceived by three sense organs viz. skin, eyes, and ears. Owing to this roughness it causes substantial depletion of almost all tissues but maximum depletion of adipose and muscle. It can also rub away the excessive scar formation from a healing ulcer e. g. Gojihvaa Onsome Bractiatum ) are used to scrape the Pothakee ( chalazion ) in the eye. Excessive use of this leads to diseases of Vaata like Hemiplegia.

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