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Etymology/ Definitionशरीरे चैव शास्त्रे च दृष्टार्थः स्याद् विशारदः । सु.शा.५।५१
Literary MeaningM / W – expert, conversant
Implied MeaningAn individual is said to be Vis`haarada ( expert ) if he has observed and understood entities in the body and scriptures both. An individual who is adept at the use of the texts and their applications.
ElaborationSus`hruta has termed expert surgeon as Vis`haarada . One who intends to acquire definite knowledge of surgery should study the anatomy practically by dissecting the dead body properly.
Things, which are practically seen and are also known from scripture together, develop knowledge. Once knowledge is acquired, one should proceed for action after removing his doubts by observation and study.

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