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Etymology/ Definition सहेति मिलितानां द्रव्याणां योगः प्राप्तिरित्यर्थः । च.सू.२६/२९, चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.26/29 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningM / W – conjunction, combination, connection
Implied MeaningBringing together two or more Dravya is called Sanyoga
ElaborationTypes of Sanyoga: It is one of the Paraadi attributes.
Eka Karmaja Sanyoga – This is a combination of two dissimilar Dravya . This combination of dissimilar substances should be done for treating specific diseases only when required. E. g. If honey and ghee, which are dissimilar Dravya are combined together in equal proportion then this combination is considered to be as harmful as poison. But this combination is used as an antidote for poison. Eka Karmaja Sanyoga can be done keeping in mind the purpose of curing disease.
Dvandva Karmaja Sanyoga – This is a combination of two substances having different Gun`a, Karma. This Sanyoga is done for curing specific diseases. E. g. Combination of Aamalakee and Haridraa is highly useful in प्रमेह ( Diabetes ) than in any other disease.
Sarva Karmaja Sanyoga – It is a combination of similar Dravya having comparable attribute and action This type of Sanyoga is always beneficial and has certain quick and positive action. E. g. Triphalaa, Trikat`u
This attribute is responsible for combining various substances in the manners described above. Administering medicine in various dosage forms is also Sanyoga .
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