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Majjaavaha Srotas

KeywordMajjaavaha Srotas
Etymology/ Definitionमज्जवहानां स्रोतसामस्थीनि मूलं सन्धयश्च । च. वि. ५
Literary MeaningMajja means the marrow of bones. ( M. W )
Implied MeaningBone Marrow
ElaborationThis channel is responsible to carry Aahaara Rasa for nutrition of Majjaa Dhaatu .
Moolasthaana ( origin of the channel ) – Asthi and Sandhi
According to Sus`hruta , origin of Majjavaha Srotas is Asthi which is spread all over the body. So in case of Dush`t`I and Vyadha of Majjavaha Srotas manifestation occur all over the body. Which is very difficult condition for diagnosis and it is part of Kaaya Chikitsaa Sus`hruta consider Srotas Dusht`I and Vyadha Lakshan`a in perspective of surgery. Hence he has not mentioned Dusht`I and Vyadha Lakshan`a of Majjavaha Srotas.
Contemporary ColloquialMarrow

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