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Etymology/ Definitionअनुलोमन: वातमलप्रवर्तन:। सु. सु. ४६/५२० डल्हण अनुलोमं लोमानुकूलम् । सु. शा. १०/९ डल्हण
ReferenceC.Su.25/40, S.Su. 46/521 D`alhan`a, Sh.S.P.4/4
Literary MeaningLaxative
Implied Meaning1. Any substance when administered improves Agni , digests the partially digested or undigested residue of food and resolves the occlusions. Thus it facilitates formation and passage of fecal matter.
2. चिकित्सा procedure ( C. Chi. 28 / 219 )
3. Direction for अभ्यंग in line with the body hair, away from the heart.
Elaboration1. When the normally functioning Vaayu moves along its own course it is called Anulomana . When its course is obliterated it turns back to initiate a condition called उदावर्त . We use substances that are Anulomana to set the derangement right. It has a two – fold action. The first action is on Jaat`haraagni to improve its functions and the second is to counteract the obstructed process of stool formation by the Pratiloma Vaata . Thereby it results in resolving the occlusions and facilitating formation and easy passage of stool. E. g. Haritakee
2. The site of action differs depending upon which type of Vaayu is affected.
3. During अभ्यंग the oil is applied along the direction of body hair i. e. away from the heart.
SynonymsSramsana Mridu Virechana
Contemporary ColloquialLaxative

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