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Etymology/ Definitionअग्र्यः शब्दः श्रेष्ठवचनः। च. सू. २५।४० चक्रपाणि एककार्यकराणां औषधानां यो अत्यर्थं कार्यकरः सो अग्र्यः। अ. सं. सू. १३।१ इन्दु अग्र्याणां बलवत् कार्यकारिणाम्। शिवदास सेन अग्र्यः शब्दः श्रेष्ठवचनः। च. सू. २५।४० चक्रपाणि अग्र्याणां हिताहितमानामाहारविकाराणां सङ्ग्रहः । अ. सं. सू. १३।१ इन्दु
ReferenceC.Su.25/40,41 Chakrapaan`i, S.Chi. 9/18 D`alhan`a, A.H.U.39/48-58
Implied MeaningA compilation of highly important factors related with health and diseases. First line of defence in disease management or preventive aspect of health.
ElaborationIt is said that the science has to be understandable to three types of people viz. people with low intelligence, those with average intelligence and finally those with high intelligence. This group of entities listed in Agryasangraha is for the first type. It is a list of some substances, some actions, and some observations that are useful and are sufficient to manage situations confronted by an average physician on a day – to – day basis. He does not have to go into intricacies of diagnosis or their management. It would suffice if he follows the list.
Agrya means the best, the topmost and Sangraha means collection.
E. g.
To ensure sustenance of life – cow milk
To maintain strength – chicken meat
To pacify Vaata – Pitta disorders – ghee
To pacify Kapha – Pitta disorders – honey
To impart stability to muscle tissues – exercise
To generate Amlapitta – Kulattha ( Horse gram )
Depression to aggravate any and all diseases

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