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Etymology/ Definitionलेखनं पत्तलीकरणम्। सू.सू.४६/५१८ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.46/518 D`alhan`a, Sh.S.P.4/11,S.Su.41/6
Literary MeaningM / W – Scraping, scratching
Implied MeaningThis is indicative of a particular action on the Kapha Pitta Meda and Maamsa .
It is also indicated in the management of hypertrophic scar to cauterize ( Lekhana ).
ElaborationThis has two – fold action. First is on the two dense Dosha e. g. Kapha and Pitta , and the other is on Dhaatu like Meda and Maamsa , the substances that possess Laghu ( light ), Ushn`a ( hot ), Teekshn`a ( intense ), Vis`hada ( clean ), Rooksha ( dry ), Sookshma ( subtle ), Khara ( rough ) attributes. Sara and Kat`hina ( hard ) attributes are Lekhana . The Lekhana Dravya has dominance of Agni and Vaayu Mahaabhoota .
1. The mode of action when used internally is by causing absorption of the unctuousness and fluidity from these constituents and rendering them light, rough and dry.
2. In surgery it is used to reduce the excessive Vran`avastu ( scar or the excessively grown Maamsa ) from an ulcer. E. g. Samudraphena ( S. Chi. 1 / 40 )
It also implies slimming ( Sthaulyaharan`a ). Dravya like Vacha Chitraka and Kshaara have Lekhana property with which they reduce excessive Meda ( fat, adipose tissue ) and Kapha .

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