विषय सूची पर जायें


Etymology/ Definition स्वेदनं स्वेदजनकम्‌। सु.सू.४६/१०२ डल्हण
ReferenceC.Su.14/3,S.Su.46/102 D`alhan`a,A.H.Su.17/ 25,29
Literary MeaningSudation, M / W – the act of sweating or perspiring
Implied MeaningIt is the procedure, which causes sweating.
ElaborationSudation is effective in the vitiation of Vaata and Kapha Dosha . Sudation mainly deals with heat generation in body facilitating perspiration. It leads to liquefaction of the Dosha ( mainly Kapha Meda ). This is the prerequisite for पंचकर्म procedures, which brings Dosha from S`haakhaa ( tissues and skin ) to Kosht`ha ( abdomen ). Then Dosha are eliminated through the nearest path by emesis or purging.
Various types of sudation are described by Charaka Samhitaa:
1. Sankara 2. Prastara 3. Naad`ee 4. Parisheka 5. Avagaahana 6. Jenataaka 7. As`hmaghana 8. Karshu 9. Kut`ee 10. Bhoo 11. Kumbhikaa 12. Koopa 13. Holaaka
Generally Svedana is advised for pain, stiffness, heaviness etc. It Can be indicated in numbers of conditions: as Cough, coryza, hiccup, dyspnoea, facial paralysis etc.
Contemporary ColloquialFomentation

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