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ReferenceC.Su.5/26, A.H.Su.21/1
Literary MeaningM / W – inhalation of smoke or vapour
Implied MeaningIt is one of the treatment procedures which means medicated smoking.
ElaborationIt is a procedure that is useful as a curative treatment modality and also as a preventive measure to be performed daily. It is an effective treatment on Vaata and Kapha Dosha in which medicated smoke is inhaled and then expelled by mouth.
It is predominantly effective in the Oordhvajatrugata Vikaara ( diseases of the supra clavicular region ), and in the diseases of Praan`avaha Srotas ( respiratory tract ).
It is classified in to 3 types according to the effect:
1. S`hamana – pacifies the aggravated Dosha especially Vaata and Kapha
2. Brimhan`a – nourishes the body constituents indirectly by reducing excessive Vaata Dosha .
3. सौषधं – expels out aggravated Dosha mainly Kapha .
Contraindicated conditions – रक्तपित्त ( intrinsic haemorrhage ), प्रमेह ( Diabetes ), उदर ( Ascites )
Contemporary ColloquialSmoking

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