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Etymology/ Definition तर्पयतीति तर्पणम्‌ । च. सू. ७।२१ चक्रपाणि
तर्पणम्‌ तृप्तिजनकम्‌ । सु. सू. ४५।३ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.45/ 3 D`alhan`a, S.U.18/5, A.H.Su.24/4
Literary MeaningM / W – satiating, refreshing
Implied Meaning1. Akshitarpan`a – It is one of the ophthalmic procedures.
2. It is one of the functions of Dravya inducing satiating feeling.
ElaborationThe procedure in which the unctuous drug is retained around the eye for a stipulated period of time for a purpose of either curing the disease or to maintain healthy status of eyes is called Akshitarpan`a.
It is performed in morning and evening and it is administered at moderate time of the year.
is done with various unctuous substances like Ghritaman`d`a , medicated milk, medicated Ghee, Vasaa etc.

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