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Etymology/ Definition स्रवणात्‌ स्रोतांसि । च.सू.३०/१२
स्रोतांसि खलु परिणाममापद्यमानानां धातूनामभिवाहीनि भवन्त्ययनार्थेन । च.वि.५/३
ReferenceC.Vi.5/3, C.Su.30/12
Literary MeaningBody Channels, M / W – the course or current of nutriment in the body, channel or course for conveying food
Implied MeaningIt is the functional unit of the body, which fulfils the following conditions:
1. Moortimanta Bhaava Vis`hesha – all the basic functioning units of various body constituents are supported, converted and carried by the Srotasa .
2. Parin`aamaapadyamaanaanaam – Aahaara Rasa contains all the basic nutrient material in it. When it reaches a specific site the essential attributes are taken up for further processing to yield various secondary products including the subtle later tissue.
3. Ayanaarthena – These provide the vehicle for transporting the in – process material to various related sites, from the site of origin to the final site of manifestation.
ElaborationThese varieties of channels of circulation in the human body are same in number as the structural entities. But important channels are described in Charaka Samhitaa with reference to their controlling organs and also the symptoms manifested by their vitiation. These Channel are as follows:
1. Praan`avaha Srotas 8. Asthivaha Srotas
2. Udakavaha Srotas 9. Majjaavaha Srotas
3. Annavaha Srotas 10. S`hukravaha Srotas
4. Rasavaha Srotas 11. Mootravaha Srotas
5. Rudhiravaha Srotas 12. Pureeshavaha Srotas
6. Maamsavaha Srotas 13. Svedavaha Srotas
7. Medovaha Srotas
These are channels but they are different from other vessels like arteries and veins or lymphatics.
SynonymsAyana, Dhamane, e Naad`ee, Pantha, Maarga, S`haareera Chhidra, Sthaana, Aas`haya, Samvrita, Asamvrita

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