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Etymology/ Definitionरागः सितारुचकसिन्धूत्थैः सवृक्षानम्लपरुषकैः ।
षाडवाः पुनर्मधुराम्ललवणसंयोगजा नानाविधाः ॥ सु. सू. ४६/८३ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.46/384 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – a kind of sweetmeat or syrup compounded of grapes and pomegranates and the juice of Phaseolus mungo ( or of half ripe mango fruit with ginger, cardamoms, oil ).
Implied MeaningRaagashaad`ava is prepared by boiling fresh mango fruit with sugar candy, adding oil as well as the powder of dry ginger into it.
ElaborationAccording to D`alhan`a, Raaga is prepared with sugar, citron, rock salt, Vrikshaamla , ( Tamarindus indicum ), Perushaka ( Grewia asciatica ), fresh juice of Jamboo ( Eugenia Jambolana ) fruit, and Raajika ( Sinapis Ramosa ), whereas Shaad`ava is prepared with the combination of both the sweet and sour ingredients.
Various types of Raagashaad`ava are pungent, sour, sweet, saline in taste and they are Laghu ( easy to digest ), palatable, cardio – tonic and carminative.
SynonymsRaaga, Shaad`ava

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